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Odd Addon Behavior

So I recently came back to ESO after almost 3 years away. I updated some addons, removed others. They are mostly all working but there are a couple that don't seem to be working as expected.

Advancedweaponicon - this is an outdated addon that didn't seem to be working properly so I removed it. I deleted the addon from my addon folder and deleted the associated .lua file. Only problem is..the icon of the addon still shows up on some characters. It's not listed in my in-game addon list. I have no idea where the game is getting this addon info or how to get rid of it.

Azurah - this addon allows you to move UI elements and seems to be working for the most part with one exception. When I move the UI elements and save it and then reloadui or relog it will put the UI elements back to the default positions. The addon creator can't reproduce this so I can't figure out what is happening. Maybe the odd behavior of this addon is related to the other one. Maybe it's getting the default game data for the UI element positions from the same place the other addon is getting it's data.

Does anyone know of some other game file that stores addon data where these addons could be getting outdated info from or know what might be going on?
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I figured out my issue with the advancedweaponicon issue. It appears a different addon that I have has a new feature I was unaware of that looks identical to the addon I removed. It doesn't even perform the same function but the aesthetic of it is identical so couldn't tell it was something else.
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