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Feature Request

Before I get to the request, I want to say that I Know this is not a trivial thing to do, and I won't be upset or flame the forums if I don't get a response I like. Feel free to laugh and ignore it if it's too much.

I run Elder Scrolls Online on my desktop when I am home (faster, bigger screen, etc..), but I'm often away from home and have to settle for my laptop. With the smaller screen, slower processor, and occasionally iffy WiFi, I have a different set of add-ons between the two. There are a few common add-ons, and most of them have settings that would be a pain to transfer without Minion's Backup/Restore.

So.. the request. Any chance Minion's Restore function could be made granular? It would be nice to be able to restore only selected add-ons, and leave the others alone.
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As a workaround:
Why not using an ingame addon manager to just select and enable the addons you need on your laptop, like "Circonians Addon Selector". It supports profiles.

The SavedVariables and settings transfered via Minion's backup and restore won't make such a difference if you just download and install them, or do they? Addons size is less than 100kb in most of them. Only the SavedVariables could get bigger in size, like MasterMerchant etc. storing all your bags data to your hdd/sdd.
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I request that you fix it so I don't have to change my windows username to Latin characters. It's stupid and could harm my computer.
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Noted and it is something in our backlog to take a look at eventually. More info here: https://www.esoui.com/forums/showthr...?t=8119&page=2

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