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Update Request for Guild Store Search Extended Continued

Unfortunately the last person to work on this great addon has abandoned it in a broken state and it hasn't been updated in over a year.

It's a really great addon to make undercutting and listing items much faster because the addon would scan through all the current listings of the guilds you are in and then you could search for any item you are about to list and see the lowest/highest/average price for the respective guild making it a lot easier to both undercut and list items a store in which it isn't listed yet.

I've looked for an alternative but there is none. MM only works on sales and TTC is for ALL guilds, which defeats the purpose.
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06/17/18, 11:14 AM   #2
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I'm doing it manually with AwesomeGuildStore and some favorite searches for most sold items. Or just manual searches for random items.
I know you didn't ask for this but maybe it helps.
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06/23/18, 04:07 AM   #3
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Argument why this addon is worth updating


I really don't see me being the only person who would use this. A lot of people relist all their items on friday/saturday and it would save a lot of time knowing exactly which items are already up in which guilds and for how much without the hassle of researching every single item individually in each store you are in.

And just to give an overview how useful this addon would really be here the simple math:

Everytime I relist my items it takes me easily over an hour. With this addon you would let it scan for 5-10 mins (during which you can tab out and do something else) and then just click the item you want to sell and see pretty much immediately where it is best to sell and for how much.

Instead of 1-2 mins for every item x50 items = 1 hour and a half it would be around 10 seconds per item x50 around 9 minutes. That's 1 hour and 20 minutes of playtime saved everytime you relist your items (probably twice per week at least for most active traders)

The scanning technology is already there in TTC. The addon is already written. All it takes is to update it so it works with the latest ESO update.

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