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'Main Story Quest' add-on?

With the impending Summerset release, just wondering if there's an add-on out there (or if it's possible) which would ideally hide all quest markers that aren't related to the main storylines for faction zones/main quest and can guide you through the story as intended?

So ideally it would guide you through the series of quests something like this (this is what I've gathered from most people as being the consensus order for covering the elements of the main stories through the chapter releases):
Do faction zone starter quest (Example AD: Go to Vukhel Guard, follow Shadowy Figure main quest, do faction zone quests until you return to Vukhel Guard.)
Do main quest up to 'Messages Across Tamriel'.
Do fighters/mages guild quests on a one to one basis with main quest.
Complete faction zone quests through Coldharbour.
Complete fighers/mages guild if necessary.
Complete main quest.
Do IC (optional).
Do Orsinium (wrothgar).
Complete Morrowind (starting with missing prophecy).
Complete CWC (starting with of knives and long shadows).
Do Summerset (starting with Through a Veil Darkly).

If anyone has played FFXIV, the concept is similar the built-in MSQ tracker they added with Stormblood to help direct people through the storyline, especially if they've been away.
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I think that would be rather tricky. I'm not sure if the API is versatile enough for an add-on to identify what a quest marker is before you pick up the quest (and if you're already on the quest, just abandon/disable any quests/markers for quests other than the active storyline quest).

In terms of the quests themselves, I would recommend starting at the UESP Story Quests page and using the Quest Maps and lists linked from there.
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It's not identical to what you're looking for, but I use the (now free) Zygor addon for ESO ( Link ) when I want to do the quests in order. They also have the current DLC zones.

Since most of their guides were coded before One Tamriel, it's in "story order". You simply pick a zone and the addon mostly auto-detects which quests you've done and auto-advances the guide. Some steps must be manually advanced.

It looks like this in-game. It tells you exactly where to go and what to do, which some might not like. Also, you can't filter out the main quest, it's EVERY quest in the zone.

They recently went 100% free for their ESO in-game addon guide (do not subscribe or pay!) since it was flopping in sales compared to their WoW ones.

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