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Looking for a Guild on the PS4. Ebonheart or AD

I have been playing MMO games since i was 13 with UO being my first. The games i have played in the past are:

DAOC: Lose this MMO game the most, i still play it at least 5 times a year.
AO: I try to play this game still but it`s so huge i get lost lol.
Saga of Ryzom: I don`t play this anymore but i was there when this game got closed down 3 times but 3 different company’s lol.
Shadowbane: Played this until it closed down.
SWG: The best star wars MMO game, was sad when it closed down.
Horizan: was a cool game, get to play as a dragon race.
Vanguard: I only got to level 25 but loved the game.
COH/COV: I was a villain mostly lol.
lineage 2: I stoped playing after it went F2P
Aion: Stoped playing when it went FTP
SWTOR: Played when it first came out, was fun but not the type of PVP i like. Stopped when it went F2p.
FFXIV AAR: I stoped playing this to play EQ2 with a sub.
FFXI: Loved this game.
Rift: I only got to level 30 then i stoped.
Dark&Light: Closed down, but the game is being re-released.
Ragnarok 1&2: I played part one for a while and part 2 has not been out to long. It will probly close down thou later.
LOTROP: Loved this game, but went F2P and i did nto like what it has become.

Thanks for taking your time in reading this!
my PSN is setsua25 feel free to contact me
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