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Lightbulb [Request]Bigger text chat limit.

While ESO's chat text limit is a decent size, it is not accomodating to lengthier conversations or roleplay dialogue. I'm requesting an addon that would make it so you could type longer messages without having to manually separate them (be it with --, ++, or any other combination there-of).

It is to my understanding that ESO addons cannot automatically send messages, but there would be equally as easy ways to achieve what I am suggesting. Two of which I will explain:

1. A new input box is opened by either a button somewhere in the UI or a hotkey (Tab-Enter for example). The player then may enter their desired lengthy message into the chatbox which is then automatically entered into the message input area each time they press enter (appended by '--' or similar) until the whole message is sent. In my opinion, the addon would work best with this method.

2. The default chat input area is extended. You will be able to type out any length of message and the message will then be split up by the addon and automatically refill the chatbox with the continued message until it is completed after pressing send.

For reference, WoW has a similar addon. Though, theirs is capable of automatically sending the whole separated message without any extra effort.
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