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A few observations here as well

A few observations here as well,

The memory usage issue. Minion seems to use quite a lot RAM as for me at least it starts with around 200 Mb and normally sits at 300+ Mb but can go almost up to half a Gig. It isn't a problem with my system but I'm just wondering if it's intended. If Minion crashes (or if you make it crash) it will remain in active processes taking memory.


If an addon is not installed and is currently waiting for approval from Esoui, Minion goes into endless loop trying to install that addon.

For example (Pawkette's awesome) LootDrop is currently waiting for an version update approval. I had an older version installed but Minion didn't find it as installed (thus I manually removed it). Then I tried to install LootDrop from Minion but can't probably because it's waiting for approval.

Minion tells that 1.3.1 version is the current one available but in fact it's not approved yet (it actually starts to download LootDrop-1.3.1.zip but hangs). It should say 1.3.0 version is the current one available and install that one instead - until the new version is available of course.

If this happens the memory usage jumps up to 470Mb as well. edit: actually it hogs 657Mb right now.

edit: and here it did steady, still trying to download LootDrop
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Minion uses a Java virtual machine to run inside of and if there is any temporary spike in CPU or Memory usage the JVM automatically increases its reserved resources (Thats why you dont have to have java installed on your system for it to run) . It's not actually using that amount of CPU/Ram. However we still need to tune this along with removing the heavy amount of debugging once Minion is out of beta. So it will get a lot better I assure you.

As for AddOns in the queue I've been working on a solution for our API and should have it live in the next few days so downloads of AddOns in the queues don't trigger Minion to update.

Thanks for your feedback daimon, really appreciate it!
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