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Post Aura Mastery

Hi guys,

I've just finished creating the first alpha version of my addon. Describing or categorizing it is very difficult imo, you could probably describe it as a "notification/aura manager".

The idea behind it:

Create your own Icons/Statusbars and display them based upon userdefined conditions. With "status conditions" (health points, ressources, unit_states), "combatLogEvent" based conditions (e.g. UNIT_SPELLCAST_SUCCEDDED [thats from WoW, i am not familiarized with ESOs combatlog, yet) and other stuff it's currently not more than a customizable aura tracker working on a whitelist basis.

It will probably be more clear if u take a look at the screenshots:

In this case I picked argent dawnbreaker's icon for the display, set it's dimensions to 64x64, border of 1px...
I let it display once the following conditions are met:

1. Deto's timeleft < 3s
2. Rapid maneuver's timeleft > 10s
(Makes no sense, it's just for demonstration purposes).

Each Icon can be configured seperatly, there are no lists or groups, so u can keep your interface clean and only display stuff once it gets interesting.

This is the configuration menu.
The left side contains all auras you created. The names are just for personal identification purposes.
On the right side there are 3 menu categories:

1. Display options
- Transparency is alpha and ranges from 0(invisible)-1(no transparency) quite self explanatory to coders
- critical: once the timeleft goes beyond this threashold display the duration in milliseconds

2. Display conditions
The conditions always compare the value specified within the value-editbox using the selected operator to an aura's remaining duration.
- Check all: In ESO every ability(-morph) has 4 ranks. Therefor the ability has 4 different spell IDs, 1 for each rank. If u set this to true the addon will not only track your specified rank, but all ranks for the provided spell. This will be useful for configuring a display based on enemies debuffs on you (their spell ranks can be from 1-4 without any chance to exactly know it) and saves the user from creating a condition for every rank.

- Invert: Invert the whole provided logic. This is useful for displaying an aura if the specified debuff is not present and hide it once it is up. This could've been achieved using a "value == 0" logic, but as I said before i will add some other conditions, such as statusconditions one day, where a numeric expression would not work that easily.

Please be aware that this addon is my first steps within the ESO-Api. Especially the menu controls and the way their functionality is implemented are most probably a mess because I had no time to familiarize myself with the original templates provided bei Zenimax, so I inherited from absolutely nothing and built most editboxes, submenus, dropdownmenus, etc. from scratch using not more than basic controls. This is gonna change in the future.

In other words: This is a very early alpha version to get everybody an idea of what I am doing/planing.


/am menu << Open the config menu to set up your auras

/am unlock << Make all auras movable (pixel precise positioning can be done in the menu)

/am unlock << self explanatory

Any feedback, comments, bug reports or tips how to do better would be HIGHLY appreciated!

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