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How does Minion check to see if an addon is installed? Just seeing the addon?

Title - How does Minion actually credit an installed addon?

Does it simply see if the Addon Folder exists in the Live/Addons?

Or does it look for something else?

Reason for Question - Today I was just looking for newest updated addons using MINION and came across LoreBooks.

I have had Lorebooks in my Addons for several years and do not remember ever deleting it, just constant updates.

But I have had several addons disabled since Update 25 awaiting updates.

This could be operator error but I really do not remember deleting Lorebooks but MINION was showing it ready to INSTALL.

Does MINION just check to see if the addon is there? Or does it look in saved variables for any possible disabled flag (if there would be one).

If there are interim Updates to addons like an Author does a fork update or another Author publishes a Lorebooks For Harrowstorm update, does MINION see that it is still Lorebooks and Lorebooks is still in my addons folder?

Based on any answers I guess I'll print out my existing list of addons in my folder and then double check that MINION really sees all of them for update purposes.
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afaik Minion scans your addons in the live/AddOns folder once you install Minion. It recognizes the txt files of the addons and read the "## Version: " tag.

Then it will create a minion.XML file and store the scanned data in it, updating the xml as newer versions are available on www.esoui.com -> comparing the version of the addon at esoui to the xml file.

I'm not sure if Minion will rescan the txt files after it had done this at installation, but I doubt it. I think someone said it uses the internal data in the XML only to compare the versions. I guess it will also check for the existance of the folders in live/AddOns to see if an addon got deleted manually.
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