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Stuck updating/downloading

EDIT 2: It's not the last issue.

EDIT: I reinstalled it to C:/Soft instead of the default folder. It created a new profile "ESO-2", I deleted it, "ESO-1" (why not "ESO"?) seems to work for now. I hope it's the last issue.

How it looks.



I use Win 10 x64.

It's been stuck for hours now. Same for downloading new mods.

I tried:
- Relaunching
- Other bit version
- Resetting everything
- Clean reinstalling
- Using administrator privileges
- Creating in/out-bound connection allowing firewall rules for the application

Previously everything about Minion was laggy and buggy: you had to relaunch it, often multiple times, switching x32-x64 versions, resetting settings, etc, to take any functional action. Honestly, I understand how complicated develeloping can be, but it's version 3...

It also sometimes gets stuck on this phase. It's a sign that you need to relaunch it again. Then it adds "Detecting ESO-1" and gets through to the modlist. Here's the log when this happens.

It also doesn't show any signs of the feature to sign into esoui.


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Your log file just says download request and then nothing.
And your 2nd log says the following error:
Catching Tag mismatch!

Looks like there is something blocking it. Either the server is not reachable, or your IP at the server was blocked for some reasons (try to contact Dolby via PM please so he can check your IP) or you got some malware stuff that changed your proxy or similar (we had that with other ppl asking already so this is not a wild guess ).
Check your system in depth please, epsecially the proxy.

There seems to be something wrong with the SLL encyrption. Dunno where this issues from. Either's SSL certificate had an issue, but it's working fine for me.
Or your local PC got the issue.
Maybe search for "Catching Tag mismatch!" online to find out what it is please.
Edit: As I read this here:
I thought about the trouble shooting guide about the network stack usage for java to prefer ipv4 again instead of ipv6! Read this please and try if it helps.

If this all does not help I'm lost here too.

I understand you are upset cuz it does not work like you expect it to work.
But please stop to rant about the software. The dev was and is coding it in free time for free.

Version 3 says nothing about bug free or not. There always are and can occur bugs especially as you cannot know, as a dev of a software, what OS petch level and other tools the 10000000 different users will use with your software. Nobody's windows machine is configured and using the same drivers nor software nor hardware! There are like 100mil combinations. Keep that in mind, thank you.

Either use it or not. Easy solution. You are always able to manually install an dupdate your addons.

Why not ESO? Simple: You can add multiple Esos to Minion? ESO live, ESO PTS, ESO live 2 for testing and so on.
You see: You think you know and rant about stuff that is unknown to you

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I'm just giving you the feedback like I'm supposed to in this forum since there's no issue tracking. The app is unstable, I explained where and how, you do or don't do what you want with it. I'm aware there are no alternatives beside using the native file manager so I'm stuck with Minion for now.

Should I keep reporting the upcoming bugs or nay?
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Well, it's always welcome if it relates to a bug. This actually does not look like it's a Minion bug as I had answered above.

But the way you wrote it was not as welcome as it could have been. Think about it, calm down before writing next time, and your feedback is welcome.

And this got nothing to do with the software as I'm not connected to Minion. It's just about the "how".
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