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[BUG] Minion extremely slow or hangs if addon folder is on a network drive


as many others have done, I have moved my "Documents" folder from my SSD drive elsewhere, in my case a network drive.

Minion stopped doing anything initially. So I deleted the ESO game inside minion and set it up again.

Now the .minion folder is under c:\users\<username>\.minion instead of c:\users\<username>\Documents\.minion.
The ESO addons are now under Z:\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\liveeu\AddOns

However the path in minion.xml still points to the old location. After manually changing that, it did load, albeit extremely slowly (about 5 minutes to start)!
The network drive is NOT slow however, it is a fast NAS on a gigabit Ethernet and no other program has any problems (I normally get between 20-40 MBytes per second transfer rate).

At this point, after 5 minutes of "detecting" my addons, minion is up. However it shows no updates (which is probably not correct).

I quit minion, the UI disappears but the process keeps running in the background!

I kill the process and restart minion. In "Options" I see the path is still incorrect. I click "Path" and now it really gets interesting, after about 60 seconds it displays the contents of the network directory. But it doesn't display the "Documents" folder (which is there) instead it shows a "<Username>" folder which is not!!! I use that path and find the addons folder in this virtual path. I expect this is because of the windows virtual home path or something?

I quit minion and this time the process stops too.

In spite of some further fiddling I could not get it to work a an acceptable speed. Startup is about 5 minutes. I expect this is caused by constant timeouts or something.

I am running minion on Windows 8.1 64 bit latest patches.
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Hi AlexandraD,

I see you have two of the same game paths in your minion.xml this "might" cause a problem. Please edit your minion.xml and remove the following. Do not delete the ESO-2 game, just the ESO-1:
<game addon-path="Z:\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\liveeu\AddOns" auto-update="true" game-id="ESO" ignore="true" last-auto-update="June 07, 2014 9:59AM" unique-game-id="ESO-1">
<addon md5="26df5e3b69cc61d45bd4477c65707ff3" ui-version="100003.6" uid="132"/>
<addon date="04.03.2014 12:53PM" title="LootDrop" version="1.4.4"/>
<addon date="04.03.2014 12:53PM" title="Recount" version="0.2.2"/>
<addon date="04.04.2014 8:45AM" title="Recount" version="0.3.0"/>
<addon date="04.04.2014 8:45AM" title="Inventory Item Borders" version="1.0.2"/>
<addon date="04.04.2014 8:45AM" title="Foundry Tactical Combat" version="0.24"/>
<addon date="04.04.2014 10:15PM" title="AutoEmote" version="1.11"/>
<addon date="04.05.2014 9:02AM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="04.05.2014 9:02AM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="04.05.2014 3:03PM" title="LootDrop" version="1.4.5"/>
<addon date="04.05.2014 3:03PM" title="Achievement Tracker" version="1.3.0"/>
<addon date="04.05.2014 8:34PM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="04.05.2014 8:34PM" title="Combat Indicator" version="1.1"/>
<addon date="04.05.2014 8:34PM" title="LootDrop" version="1.5.1"/>
<addon date="04.05.2014 8:34PM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="04.05.2014 8:34PM" title="SpamFilter" version="1.6"/>
<addon date="04.06.2014 9:09AM" title="ESOTheater" version="0.3.0"/>
<addon date="04.06.2014 9:09AM" title="Achievement Tracker" version="1.4"/>
<addon date="04.06.2014 9:09AM" title="LootDrop" version="1.5.4"/>
<addon date="04.06.2014 7:02PM" title="EsoHead Markers" version="1.5.1"/>
<addon date="04.07.2014 5:45PM" title="insJunkYard" version="0.9"/>
<addon date="04.07.2014 5:45PM" title="EsoHead Markers" version="1.5.2"/>
<addon date="04.07.2014 5:45PM" title="Recount" version="0.3.1"/>
<addon date="04.07.2014 5:45PM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="04.07.2014 5:45PM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="04.07.2014 5:45PM" title="SpamFilter" version="1.6.1"/>
<addon date="04.07.2014 9:16PM" title="Alchemist" version="0.04"/>
<addon date="04.08.2014 6:49PM" title="Research Assistant" version="0.4.3b"/>
<addon date="04.08.2014 6:49PM" title="Achievement Tracker" version="1.5"/>
<addon date="04.08.2014 6:49PM" title="insJunkYard" version="0.92"/>
<addon date="04.08.2014 6:49PM" title="Alchemist" version="0.05"/>
<addon date="04.08.2014 6:49PM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="04.08.2014 6:49PM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="04.08.2014 11:39PM" title="Alchemist" version="0.06"/>
<addon date="04.08.2014 11:39PM" title="Achievement Tracker" version="1.5.1"/>
<addon date="04.09.2014 10:18PM" title="insJunkYard" version="0.94"/>
<addon date="04.09.2014 10:18PM" title="Alchemist" version="0.08"/>
<addon date="04.09.2014 10:18PM" title="Inventory Item Borders" version="1.2"/>
<addon date="04.10.2014 11:48PM" title="insJunkYard" version="0.96"/>
<addon date="04.10.2014 11:48PM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.2"/>
<addon date="04.10.2014 11:48PM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="04.10.2014 11:48PM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="04.10.2014 11:48PM" title="Research Assistant" version="0.4.4b"/>
<addon date="04.11.2014 1:42AM" title="AutoEmote" version="1.2"/>
<addon date="04.11.2014 1:42AM" title="SpamFilter" version="1.7"/>
<addon date="04.11.2014 8:57AM" title="Research Assistant" version="0.5.0"/>
<addon date="04.11.2014 1:41PM" title="Guild Store Search" version="0.2"/>
<addon date="04.11.2014 10:19PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.1"/>
<addon date="04.12.2014 9:21AM" title="SpamFilter" version="1.7.1"/>
<addon date="04.12.2014 9:21AM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="04.12.2014 9:21AM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="04.12.2014 9:21AM" title="Guild Store Search" version="0.3"/>
<addon date="04.12.2014 9:21AM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.1.1"/>
<addon date="04.12.2014 10:47PM" title="Combat Indicator" version="1.2"/>
<addon date="04.12.2014 10:47PM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="04.12.2014 10:47PM" title="ESOTheater" version="0.3.1"/>
<addon date="04.12.2014 10:47PM" title="SkyShards" version="0.5"/>
<addon date="04.12.2014 10:47PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.2.1"/>
<addon date="04.13.2014 10:05AM" title="SkyShards" version="0.5.1"/>
<addon date="04.13.2014 10:05AM" title="Multi-Quest Tracker" version="1.2"/>
<addon date="04.13.2014 10:05AM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.3.1"/>
<addon date="04.13.2014 2:28PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.2.2"/>
<addon date="04.13.2014 2:28PM" title="TreasureMaps" version="0.95"/>
<addon date="04.13.2014 2:28PM" title="Guild Store Search" version="0.4"/>
<addon date="04.13.2014 10:43PM" title="Multi-Quest Tracker" version="1.3"/>
<addon date="04.13.2014 10:43PM" title="SkyShards" version="0.5.2"/>
<addon date="04.13.2014 10:44PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.3"/>
<addon date="04.14.2014 6:08PM" title="Research Assistant" version="0.6.1c"/>
<addon date="04.14.2014 6:08PM" title="SkyShards" version="0.5.3"/>
<addon date="04.14.2014 6:08PM" title="Librarian Book Manager" version="1.0.2"/>
<addon date="04.14.2014 6:08PM" title="ESOTheater" version="0.3.2"/>
<addon date="04.14.2014 6:08PM" title="TreasureMaps" version="1.0"/>
<addon date="04.14.2014 6:08PM" title="SpamFilter" version="1.7.2"/>
<addon date="04.15.2014 7:02PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.5"/>
<addon date="04.15.2014 7:02PM" title="Guild Store Search" version="1.0"/>
<addon date="04.15.2014 7:02PM" title="Librarian Book Manager" version="1.0.3"/>
<addon date="04.15.2014 7:02PM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="04.16.2014 6:03PM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.5.8"/>
<addon date="04.16.2014 6:03PM" title="SpamFilter" version="1.8"/>
<addon date="04.16.2014 6:03PM" title="TreasureMaps" version="1.01"/>
<addon date="04.16.2014 6:03PM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="04.16.2014 6:03PM" title="Research Assistant" version="0.6.4b"/>
<addon date="04.16.2014 6:03PM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="04.16.2014 10:40PM" title="SkyShards" version="0.6"/>
<addon date="04.17.2014 4:24PM" title="Librarian Book Manager" version="1.0.6"/>
<addon date="04.17.2014 4:24PM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="04.17.2014 4:24PM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="04.17.2014 4:24PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.6"/>
<addon date="04.17.2014 9:04PM" title="SkyShards" version="0.6.1"/>
<addon date="04.17.2014 11:08PM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.5.9"/>
<addon date="04.18.2014 12:10PM" title="ins:JunkYard" version="0.98"/>
<addon date="04.18.2014 12:10PM" title="Esohead" version="0.1.8"/>
<addon date="04.18.2014 11:52PM" title="TreasureMaps" version="1.5"/>
<addon date="04.19.2014 12:50PM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.25"/>
<addon date="04.20.2014 11:23AM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.6.1"/>
<addon date="04.20.2014 11:23AM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.27"/>
<addon date="04.20.2014 11:23AM" title="Research Assistant" version="0.6.5"/>
<addon date="04.20.2014 3:09PM" title="Combat Indicator" version="1.3"/>
<addon date="04.20.2014 8:15PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.6.2"/>
<addon date="04.20.2014 11:10PM" title="Foundry Tactical Combat" version="0.26"/>
<addon date="04.21.2014 8:37AM" title="Librarian Book Manager" version="1.0.7"/>
<addon date="04.21.2014 8:37AM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.29"/>
<addon date="04.21.2014 8:37AM" title="Foundry Tactical Combat" version="0.26"/>
<addon date="04.21.2014 3:01PM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.30"/>
<addon date="04.21.2014 11:12PM" title="Thurisaz Guild Info" version="0.3"/>
<addon date="04.21.2014 11:12PM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.31"/>
<addon date="04.21.2014 11:12PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.6.3"/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 9:33AM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 9:33AM" title="Thurisaz Guild Info" version="0.31"/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 9:33AM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 9:33AM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.32"/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 9:33AM" title="Wykkyd's Outfitter" version=""/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 9:33AM" title="Foundry Tactical Combat" version="0.27a"/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 2:22PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.6.4"/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 4:49PM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.33"/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 4:49PM" title="Inventory Item Borders" version="1.2.1"/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 10:21PM" title="ins:JunkYard" version="0.99b"/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 10:21PM" title="Recount" version="0.3.2"/>
<addon date="04.22.2014 10:21PM" title="insshardwatch" version="0.51"/>
<addon date="04.23.2014 5:21PM" title="TreasureMaps" version="1.52"/>
<addon date="04.23.2014 5:21PM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.34"/>
<addon date="04.23.2014 5:21PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.6.5"/>
<addon date="04.23.2014 11:45PM" title="SkyShards" version="0.6.2"/>
<addon date="04.24.2014 6:17PM" title="SkyShards" version="0.6.3"/>
<addon date="04.24.2014 6:17PM" title="ESOTheater" version="0.3.3"/>
<addon date="04.24.2014 6:17PM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.3.2"/>
<addon date="04.24.2014 6:17PM" title="X4D Bank" version="1.1"/>
<addon date="04.24.2014 6:17PM" title="FishMe --Know your fish! & Bait (v2.1)" version="2.1"/>
<addon date="04.24.2014 6:17PM" title="Group Leader" version="0.3"/>
<addon date="04.24.2014 6:17PM" title="Thurisaz Guild Info" version="0.32"/>
<addon date="04.24.2014 6:17PM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.38"/>
<addon date="04.25.2014 8:25AM" title="FishMe --Know your fish! & Bait (v2.2)" version="2.2"/>
<addon date="04.25.2014 8:25AM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.39"/>
<addon date="04.25.2014 8:25AM" title="Thurisaz Guild Info" version="0.33"/>
<addon date="04.25.2014 8:25AM" title="SkyShards" version="0.6.4"/>
<addon date="04.25.2014 8:25AM" title="Librarian Book Manager" version="1.0.9"/>
<addon date="04.25.2014 8:25AM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.6.0"/>
<addon date="04.25.2014 12:16PM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.6.0.a"/>
<addon date="04.25.2014 12:16PM" title="FishMe --Know your fish! & Bait (v2.2)" version="2.4"/>
<addon date="04.25.2014 10:17PM" title="X4D Bank" version="1.2"/>
<addon date="04.26.2014 9:08AM" title="FishMe --Know your fish! & Bait (v2.5)" version="2.5"/>
<addon date="04.26.2014 9:08AM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.42"/>
<addon date="04.26.2014 9:08AM" title="Research Assistant" version="0.6.6c"/>
<addon date="04.26.2014 2:08PM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.43"/>
<addon date="04.26.2014 10:35PM" title="TreasureMaps" version="1.54"/>
<addon date="04.26.2014 10:35PM" title="Vicster's InventoryInsight" version="0.2.1"/>
<addon date="04.26.2014 10:35PM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.3.3"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="Guild Store Search" version="1.1"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="Research Assistant" version="0.6.7b"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="X4D Bank" version="1.9"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.6.1"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="Group Leader" version="0.31"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="SkyShards" version="0.7.1"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.4.3"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="ins:Shardwatch" version="0.6"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="Librarian Book Manager" version="1.0.15"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.8.6"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:34PM" title="ins:JunkYard" version="1.0a1"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:35PM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.56"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:35PM" title="Vicster's InventoryInsight" version="0.2.3"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:35PM" title="TreasureMaps" version="1.93"/>
<addon date="05.02.2014 9:35PM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.4.3"/>
<addon date="05.03.2014 9:14AM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tracker" version=""/>
<addon date="05.03.2014 9:14AM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.5"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 9:33AM" title="CraftStore 1.01 - Manage your Research Future" version="1.01 french update"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 9:33AM" title="craftingXP" version="1.2"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 9:33AM" title="SpentSkillPoints" version="1.4"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 9:33AM" title="TreasureMaps" version="1.95"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 9:33AM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.57"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 9:33AM" title="X4D Bank" version="1.10"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 9:33AM" title="MultiCraft" version="1.1.1"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 9:33AM" title="Vicster's InventoryInsight" version="0.3.0"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 9:33AM" title="Wykkyd's Quest Tracker" version=""/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 6:33PM" title="MultiCraft" version="1.2"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 10:49PM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.6"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 10:50PM" title="Vicster's InventoryInsight" version="0.3.1"/>
<addon date="05.04.2014 10:50PM" title="SkyShards" version="1.0"/>
<addon date="05.05.2014 5:07PM" title="Item Saver" version="0.3.0b"/>
<addon date="05.05.2014 5:07PM" title="Luminary - FishMe - Know your Bait & Fish" version="3.1"/>
<addon date="05.05.2014 5:07PM" title="MultiCraft" version="1.3"/>
<addon date="05.05.2014 5:07PM" title="Librarian Book Manager" version="1.0.16"/>
<addon date="05.05.2014 9:44PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.9.1"/>
<addon date="05.06.2014 5:46PM" title="Luminary - FishMe - Know your Bait & Fish" version="3.3"/>
<addon date="05.06.2014 5:46PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.10"/>
<addon date="05.06.2014 5:46PM" title="MultiCraft" version="1.4"/>
<addon date="05.06.2014 5:46PM" title="Item Saver" version="0.3.1"/>
<addon date="05.06.2014 10:38PM" title="Thurisaz Guild Info" version="0.34"/>
<addon date="05.07.2014 6:25PM" title="MultiCraft" version="1.4.1"/>
<addon date="05.07.2014 6:25PM" title="Foundry Tactical Combat" version="0.29"/>
<addon date="05.07.2014 6:25PM" title="Librarian Book Manager" version="1.0.17"/>
<addon date="05.07.2014 11:27PM" title="CraftStore 1.02" version="1.02"/>
<addon date="05.09.2014 6:35PM" title="Librarian Book Manager" version="1.0.18"/>
<addon date="05.09.2014 6:35PM" title="Sous Chef" version="v1.11.1"/>
<addon date="05.09.2014 6:35PM" title="Thurisaz Guild Info" version="0.35"/>
<addon date="05.09.2014 6:35PM" title="Foundry Tactical Combat" version="0.29b"/>
<addon date="05.09.2014 6:35PM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.7"/>
<addon date="05.09.2014 10:55PM" title="CraftStore 1.03" version="1.03"/>
<addon date="05.10.2014 10:28AM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.7.1"/>
<addon date="05.10.2014 10:28AM" title="Foundry Tactical Combat" version="0.30"/>
<addon date="05.10.2014 10:28AM" title="Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper" version="v1.12.1"/>
<addon date="05.10.2014 11:25PM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.7.1"/>
<addon date="05.10.2014 11:25PM" title="Vicster's InventoryInsight" version="0.4.1"/>
<addon date="05.10.2014 11:25PM" title="Guild Store Search Extended" version="Version 0.06 beta"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 12:06PM" title="Thurisaz Guild Info" version="0.36"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 12:06PM" title="Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper" version="v1.13"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 12:06PM" title="Guild Store Search Extended [En/Fr]" version="Version 0.07 beta"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 6:06PM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.4.4"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 10:59PM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.7.2"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 10:59PM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.4.4"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 10:59PM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History(MajorUpdate)" version="5.1.2"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 10:59PM" title="Guild Store Search Extended [En/Fr]" version="Version 0.08 beta"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 10:59PM" title="CraftStore 1.03 + AlphaTools 1" version="1.03 + AT1"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 11:00PM" title="SkyShards" version="1.0.1"/>
<addon date="05.11.2014 11:00PM" title="Luminary - Teleporter v3" version="3.0.1"/>
<addon date="05.12.2014 11:01PM" title="Luminary - Teleporter v3" version="3.1"/>
<addon date="05.12.2014 11:01PM" title="Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper" version="v1.14"/>
<addon date="05.12.2014 11:01PM" title="MultiCraft" version="1.4.3"/>
<addon date="05.13.2014 6:53PM" title="Luminary - FishMe - Know your Bait & Fish" version="3.4"/>
<addon date="05.13.2014 6:53PM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History(MajorUpdate)" version="5.1.4"/>
<addon date="05.13.2014 6:53PM" title="Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper" version="v1.14.1"/>
<addon date="05.16.2014 1:37PM" title="Luminary - Teleporter v3" version="3.2"/>
<addon date="05.16.2014 1:37PM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.7.4"/>
<addon date="05.16.2014 1:37PM" title="Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper" version="v1.15.1"/>
<addon date="05.16.2014 1:37PM" title="CraftStore 1.04" version="1.04"/>
<addon date="05.16.2014 1:37PM" title="SkyShards" version="1.0.3"/>
<addon date="05.16.2014 1:37PM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.4.5"/>
<addon date="05.16.2014 1:37PM" title="Crafting Material Level Display" version="v1.0.3"/>
<addon date="05.17.2014 10:50AM" title="CraftStore 1.04" version="1.04a"/>
<addon date="05.17.2014 3:38PM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History(MajorUpdate)" version="5.2"/>
<addon date="05.17.2014 10:15PM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.7.2"/>
<addon date="05.17.2014 10:15PM" title="CraftStore 1.04" version="1.04b"/>
<addon date="05.17.2014 10:15PM" title="Crafting Material Level Display" version="v1.0.4"/>
<addon date="05.17.2014 10:15PM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History (Fix)" version="5.3"/>
<addon date="05.18.2014 11:54AM" title="Luminary - FishMe - Know your Bait & Fish" version="3.6"/>
<addon date="05.18.2014 11:54AM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History" version="5.4"/>
<addon date="05.18.2014 3:20PM" title="Guild Store Search Extended [En/Fr/De]" version="Version 0.09 beta"/>
<addon date="05.18.2014 3:20PM" title="Dustman" version="0.7.3"/>
<addon date="05.18.2014 11:34PM" title="Luminary - FishMe - Know your Bait & Fish" version="3.7"/>
<addon date="05.18.2014 11:34PM" title="Item Saver" version="0.4.0"/>
<addon date="05.18.2014 11:34PM" title="Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper" version="v1.16"/>
<addon date="05.19.2014 8:46AM" title="Luminary - FishMe - Know your Bait & Fish" version="3.10"/>
<addon date="05.19.2014 8:46AM" title="Item Saver" version="0.4.0b"/>
<addon date="05.19.2014 8:46AM" title="Vicster's InventoryInsight" version="0.5.0"/>
<addon date="05.19.2014 4:57PM" title="Luminary - FishMe - Know your Bait & Fish" version="3.11"/>
<addon date="05.19.2014 10:12PM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.7.3"/>
<addon date="05.20.2014 9:02PM" title="Thurisaz Guild Info" version="0.4"/>
<addon date="05.20.2014 9:02PM" title="Vicster's InventoryInsight" version="0.5.1"/>
<addon date="05.22.2014 6:01PM" title="Joviex's Tweaks for Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="05.22.2014 6:01PM" title="Joviex's Tweaks for Wykkyd's Quest Tools" version=""/>
<addon date="05.22.2014 6:02PM" title="Luminary - Teleporter v3" version="3.3"/>
<addon date="05.22.2014 6:02PM" title="ESOTheater" version="0.3.4"/>
<addon date="05.22.2014 6:02PM" title="Luminary - FishMe - Know your Bait & Fish" version="3.12"/>
<addon date="05.22.2014 6:02PM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History" version="5.5"/>
<addon date="05.22.2014 6:02PM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.7.5"/>
<addon date="05.22.2014 6:02PM" title="Harven's Improved Skills Window" version="1.1"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History" version="5.6"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="Alchemist" version="0.08"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="Luminary - FishMe - Know your Bait & Fish" version="3.13"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="Luminary - Teleporter v3" version="3.4"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="Crafting Material Level Display" version="v1.0.5"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="Roomba - Guildbank Stacker" version="v0.9"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="SorcererHelper" version="1.1.7"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper" version="v1.16.1"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.4.6"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="Esohead" version="0.1.10"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 12:16PM" title="Harven's Improved Skills Window" version="1.2"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 5:50PM" title="Librarian Book Manager" version="1.1.0"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 5:50PM" title="SkyShards" version="1.1"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 5:51PM" title="SoftcapInfo" version="1.1"/>
<addon date="05.23.2014 5:51PM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.7.6"/>
<addon date="05.24.2014 11:20AM" title="Vicster's InventoryInsight" version="0.5.2"/>
<addon date="05.24.2014 11:20AM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History" version="5.9"/>
<addon date="05.24.2014 11:20AM" title="Combat Indicator" version="1.31"/>
<addon date="05.24.2014 3:40PM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.7.4"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 11:12AM" title="CraftStore 1.05" version="1.05"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 11:12AM" title="Crafting Material Level Display" version="v1.0.6"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 11:12AM" title="Research Assistant" version="0.7.0"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 11:12AM" title="Luminary - FishMe - Know your Bait & Fish" version="3.14"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 11:12AM" title="Thurisaz Guild Info" version="0.41"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 11:12AM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History" version="5.10"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 11:12AM" title="Foundry Tactical Combat" version="0.31"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 11:12AM" title="MultiCraft" version="1.4.4"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 12:16PM" title="craftingXP" version="1.3"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 2:26PM" title="Harven's Improved Skills Window" version="1.3"/>
<addon date="05.25.2014 5:13PM" title="SpentSkillPoints" version="1.5"/>
<addon date="05.26.2014 7:22PM" title="Research Assistant" version="0.7.1"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.7.5"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="SorcererHelper" version="1.1.8"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="Crafting Material Level Display" version="v1.0.7"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="X4D Bank" version="1.12"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History" version="5.15"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="Wykkyd's Framework" version=""/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="Wykkyd's Outfitter" version=""/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.4.7"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="CraftStore 1.07" version="1.07"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="X4D LibAntiSpam" version="1.58"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="Inventory Item Borders" version="1.2.2"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 1:25AM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.8"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 11:36AM" title="LoreBooks" version="0.8.1"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 11:37AM" title="SkyShards" version="1.2"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 11:37AM" title="Luminary-Trade Sales History" version="5.16"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 11:37AM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.4.8"/>
<addon date="05.30.2014 11:37AM" title="Harven's Improved Skills Window" version="1.4"/>
<addon date="05.31.2014 4:11PM" title="Roomba - Guildbank Stacker" version="v1.1"/>
<addon date="05.31.2014 4:11PM" title="Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper" version="v1.17"/>
<addon date="05.31.2014 4:11PM" title="SorcererHelper" version="1.1.9"/>
<addon date="05.31.2014 4:11PM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.5.1"/>
<addon date="05.31.2014 11:23PM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.7.6"/>
<addon date="05.31.2014 11:23PM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.5.2"/>
<addon date="06.01.2014 11:31AM" title="Item Saver" version="1.0.0"/>
<addon date="06.01.2014 11:31AM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.5.3"/>
<addon date="06.05.2014 11:04AM" title="SkyShards" version="1.3"/>
<addon date="06.05.2014 11:04AM" title="Crafting Material Level Display" version="v1.0.9"/>
<addon date="06.05.2014 11:04AM" title="Lootdrop, Continued (All in One)" version="1.8.1"/>
<addon date="06.05.2014 11:04AM" title="Item Saver" version="1.0.0b"/>
<addon date="06.05.2014 11:04AM" title="LoreBooks" version="1.0.1"/>
<addon date="06.05.2014 11:04AM" title="CraftStore 1.09" version="1.09"/>
<addon date="06.05.2014 11:04AM" title="SorcererHelper" version="1.1.10"/>
<addon date="06.07.2014 9:58AM" title="SkyShards" version="1.4.1"/>
<addon date="06.07.2014 9:58AM" title="LoreBooks" version="1.1.1"/>
<addon date="06.07.2014 9:58AM" title="HarvestMap (EsoheadMarkers)" version="2.5.4"/>
<addon date="06.07.2014 9:59AM" title="Item Saver" version="1.0.1"/>
It looks like Minion is doing a full AddOn re-detection every time you start Minion. Currently if you move the location of AddOns or you install them manually Minion will re-detect them on every startup and not cache the detection. If you have a lot of AddOns installed this could take awhile.

I also suggest:
  • Make a backup of your AddOn folder
  • Delete all your AddOns (your addon settings wont be deleted as they are stored in a different folder SavedVariables)
  • Restart Minion if it was open
  • Re-install the AddOns using Minion
  • Restart Minion and it should be faster
  • If all is good delete your AddOn folder backup

We have an update coming out soon(tm) that will force Minion to cache detected AddOns it has not downloaded or if the user has deleted their minion.xml. You can wait for that but we are still about a week away from release.

Last edited by Dolby : 06/24/14 at 10:19 AM.
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