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Update confusion?

Ok so used Minion yrs ago and recently reinstalled it when i started playing eso again. ESO i saying my addons are out of date yet Minion is not showing anything to update. If I check here, some of the addons are showing updates available to download manually. Why isnt Minion updating them automatically?
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Examples please. It's easier to follow you then.

Minion is updating all which is relevant and not on your manually added ignore list. Check the Minion settings, there you'll find the list.
Also there might be patches created for addons that do not work any longer, most of the time they are added as new addon without connection to the old except via their Nam. Example AdvancedFilters is broken and was replaced by AdvancedFilters Updated.

If the broken addon is in the outdated & discontinued section Minion will not read it any longer! But the updated/fixed/revised versions should be visible in Minion. Tool addons in the tools section neither show in Minion.

Btw forget the outdated info! Many times discussed and there is a sticky thread about that misleading info in the addonnhelp/search forum. Pleae read it to get further info about what it is and why you can ignore this. It does not tell you anything about if the addon still works or not. It's just a dumb number comparison and if the devs do not update this number each patch of ESO, it will show outdated. But it still works. So this is nuts and should be ignored. If the addons work or not can be read in the addons comments at best or via trying.

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