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09/25/18, 03:49 AM   #1
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Exclamation v4.1.10 zo_iconTextFormat

Since yesterdays patch v4.1.10 zo_iconTextFormat shows a strange behavior while doing localization testing:

My ESO clients native language is English. So I use /script SetCVar("language.2", xx) to test German and French.

While having /script SetCVar("language.2", "en") or /script SetCVar("language.2", "de") active
/script d(zo_iconTextFormat("EsoUI/Art/MapPins/AvA_largeKeep_Aldmeri.dds",40,40))
> returns the yellow keepicon as expected

But when /script SetCVar("language.2", "fr") is active
/script d(zo_iconTextFormat("EsoUI/Art/MapPins/AvA_largeKeep_Aldmeri.dds",40,40))
> returns an empty string!

There very similar API function zo_iconFormatInheritColor()
/script d(zo_iconFormatInheritColor("EsoUI/Art/MapPins/AvA_largeKeep_Aldmeri.dds",40,40))
> returns the correct icon

Also, the behavior on the pts is correct.

Can someone confirm this behavior? Otherwise my client must have got corrupted a very strange way.


Oops, picked the wrong forum sorry

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09/25/18, 04:17 AM   #2
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French localization file:
SafeAddString(SI_FORMAT_ICON_TEXT, "", 0)

Not good!
And not the only localization wiped out.

SafeAddString(SI_FORMAT_ICON_TEXT, "<<X:1>>*<<!aC:2>>", 0)
SafeAddString(SI_FORMAT_ICON_TEXT_NO_SPACE, "<<X:1>><<2>>", 0)

SafeAddString(SI_FORMAT_ICON_TEXT, "<<X:1>> <<2>>", 0)
SafeAddString(SI_FORMAT_ICON_TEXT_NO_SPACE, "<<X:1>><<2>>", 0)

zo_iconFormatInheritColor and zo_iconFormat do not use localization and will work the same in all languages.
@votan73 (EU - megaserver)
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09/25/18, 05:40 AM   #3
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Thanks Votan!

So this is actually a new bug.

However this bug triggers bad programming on my side three years ago
I never should have used zo_iconTextFormat anyway.

These textformat functions come with quiet a cost:

/script local msStart = GetGameTimeMilliseconds() for i = 1,1000 do local icon = zo_iconTextFormat("EsoUI/Art/MapPins/AvA_largeKeep_Aldmeri.dds",40,40) end d(GetGameTimeMilliseconds()-msStart.."ms")
Tells me 50 -150ms

/script local msStart = GetGameTimeMilliseconds() for i = 1,1000 do local icon = zo_iconFormat("EsoUI/Art/MapPins/AvA_largeKeep_Aldmeri.dds",40,40) end d(GetGameTimeMilliseconds()-msStart.."ms")
Tells me 1ms
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09/25/18, 08:11 AM   #4
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This looks like a general problem with the French localization data. It will be fixed in a patch.
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