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Regression analysis for item price estimates?

Hi all,

New to the game, new to the forum. I'm beginning to wrap my brain around the bizarre economy in this game (why so many barriers to trading?), and one thing jumped out to me about Master Merchant add-on. I imagine this applies to TTC as well.

At least for gear that isn't CP160, it's difficult to get a price check. A Ring of the Order of Diagna (ROD), for instance, can come in a variety of traits, levels, and quality. If I understand correctly, that's because MM is tracking sales of rings that are exactly identical in all three of these dimensions. Is there anything preventing it from generating price estimates using (multiple) regression analysis?

I can't be the only person who plays this game and has taken some stats courses, so I figure maybe I'm ignoring something obvious to more seasoned players. Is this information useless for most people, because they're not busy selling lower-level gear that just ends up getting deconned?
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TTC and MM are fundamently the same, but from a different angle. TTC is based on a broader base of guilds, and just on postings, MM is based only on your guilds you have and the the actual sale price.

To my knowledge not addon has supported your method. I would assume MM may not be as accurate because it has a much smaller data set, TTC has a broader base and could have a better chance of using that methodology.

As to why no one is, I have no idea.
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Level: Too broad to be relevant. I want a CP160 necropotence ring, not a LVL 45 one. A different level severely impacts price. It is similar for a lot of other stuff, including trait and for non gold, quality. I don't think it would be possible to do any kind of useful statistics on those, as the answer will often just be 'worthless'

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It's a mostly decentralised market. Nothing bizarre about it.

For me with low level items it's like this:
If the price is above 1k and I don't need it for research or deconstruction then I just don't need it at all.
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Gear below max level is effectively worthless since you don't yet have the strength required to do the veteran content where it would be needed and also out-level it really fast. Most people at this level would just put on something they find while doing quests, or let someone craft them full training gear so they can reach max level faster.
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1. you need to be experienced in the game and have understanding: what sets and traits are more expensive than others and why. As it was said, gear lower than cp160 cost nothing (not more, than possible materials after deconstruction), so use it by yourself if you can, then just vendor it.
2. To use MM you must be a part of several big trading guilds, longer - better. To use TTC you need just install it. I use both on my trader character, but like TTC more.
3. If you found an item, that (based on 1st) you think is valuable, just ask in zone chat: "[item link] mm pls" and in 99% cases you will get both TTC and MM info instanly
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