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The Crimson Moon(PC-NA-PvX-Military friendly)

The Crimson Moon


The guild started many games ago and evolved through several names until Dark Age of Camelot. Since then, we have been known as The Crimson Moon. We have several long-time players that have enjoyed playing together, and we are looking to increase our membership to allow our group to succeed as it has previously. There is a lot of opportunity for those who want to help us grow and zero tolerance for those wishing us harm. Our goal as a guild is simply to provide a safe and fun environment where veteran MMO players, fans of the Elder scroll series taking the leap into the MMO environment, and complete newbies to both, can thrive.

Our main objectives within the game are as follows:

1. Team with our guild members and help them create the best characters they wish to have.
2. Lead and populate the Pact war effort in our chosen Cyrodiil Campaign: Chrysamere.
3. Ensure our crafters are getting the resources they require to outfit themselves and the guild with top of the line gear.
4. Ensure that every want, within reason, our guild could have is fulfilled, whether that might be dungeon raids, finding all the sky shards, or anything in between.

We are currently a small group and lack the numbers that we once had in previous games. Most of us are survivors from City of Heroes; used to playing in a game environment that lacks defined roles and instead rewards player creativity and exploration. However, we have always been a close-knit group that has stuck together and put our members first. We want to return to the numbers and power we had in previous games, and as previously stated, there is a lot of room for growth for those willing to help us achieve these goals.

We are looking for friendly, understanding players who know how to have fun in a group setting. We allow any age to join us. However, our TS3 and website (under reconstruction atm) are not considered “family friendly”. We would like players from several time zones so that we always have a CM member online and running. We would like people willing to at least be on TS3; especially groups running in PvP or in raids. However, we do realize that the option is not available to some. So, while being on TS3 is strongly encouraged, it is not required.

Our rules are few, but we feel they are vital:

1. Have fun! You pay $15 a month to do so, make sure that you are. If you’re not having fun with us, our door is always open should you decide to leave and return in the future. Nothing's final unless you make it so. We want you guys to have fun and enjoy your time in the guild and in game.
2. As a Crimson Moon member, we expect you to show respect to all of your fellow players (members & non-members alike). Basically, treat others how you want to be treated. People are different, and we understand that, but that doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful and cause problems simply because you disagree with someone or something.
3. Real life always comes first. Most of our members, including our leadership, are adults with adult jobs and daily responsibilities, and all members need to respect that.

We have established as a guild these rules are fair, and they ensure that we don’t have to deal with drama amongst our members, thus keeping our guild turn over very low. If you like what you have read so far, and you can handle being in a guild that wants to have fun and excel in ESO, then I would love for you to contact me using my email provided below(or on these forums) so that we can get you set up. I will be updating this post in the near future with our guild site as soon as it is finished.

Kaoru Nan’Drak Crimson Moon Guild leader
Contact us
[email protected]
or our
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheCrimsonMoonSG/
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We have finished getting our website functional again on a new hosting service so here is the link!
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JUst wanted to say we are still looking for more members!
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