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Terror Gaming | DC | NA |PC | PVP | Hardcore NA PvP Guild

Terror Gaming [TG], is a high class, high expectation, strategically intelligent PVP Guild. We strive to overcome all challenges against all odds. We have players with backgrounds in DAoC, WoW, Rift, and most recently Guild Wars 2, where we were voted #9 GvG guild in North America. That chapter is over, and we’re ready to throw ourselves at a new challenge in ESO. We specialize and focus on ONLY PVP, so don’t expect to see us running dungeons during our designated raid times.

We are currently looking for competent players who are willing to stand up and take any challenge presented. Our goal is to build a core of about 15-20 players, willing and ready to take on groups of enemies 5 times our size. We plan on building a small tight knit community, so TERROR will have to be your primary guild.

What we’re looking for in a member:
-Teamspeak is Required.
-Have an open mind.
-Willingness to learn your Class inside and out.
-Sense of humor

Classes/Roles we’re currently looking for:
HIGH* Templar – Healers
MED* Sorc – CC or DPS
LOW* Nightblade – DPS

If you want to learn more or apply, be sure to visit our website at http://www.Go-Terror.com/
You can watch our Youtube videos here at http://www.youtube.com/user/TERRORGVNG/

Contact names in game are @Synco and @Legendary Lee
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We are looking for a couple more Templar Healers & DPS classes before our recruitment window is closing.
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