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Fishing Guild -“Angler’s Guild & Bait Shop” [NA](XBOX ONE)

Due to lack of interest in a fishing guild, I am closing this post.

There is a HUGE supply and demand issue that you didn’t even know about!!! Let’s get to the point…your normal guilds don’t care about fishing, you are constantly running out of worms, and you always find yourself fishing alone. OR you are interested in racking up some mad in-game gold by selling your annoying fishing bait to anglers who are always running low…ALWAYS

For Anglers:
1) Form a party. Fishing by yourself generates about a 5% chance of catching a rare. Max out at about 25% when fishing in a group of 4-5 people

2) The guild store will be stocked with bait for sale. Never run out of bait again…or never have to farm for bait again

3) Make gold by selling the rare “Perfect Roe” obtained from cleaning common fish. It is used to create the provisioning drink, “Psijic Ambrosia”

4) Having a steady supply of bait will make it easier to obtain one of the most rare titles, “Master Angler”

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs:
1) Obtain gold by selling those pesky worms, crawlers, shad, chum, etc. that are eating up your inventory slots

For Provisionists:
1) You can buy the “Perfect Roe” provisioning ingredient from the guild store. It is a necessity to create the drink “Psijic Ambrosia”

2) The guild store would be a great place to start your search for the “Psijic Ambrosia” recipe

3) Endless supply of fish available at the guild store

Not sure what “Psijic Ambrosia” is or why it is the king of all drinks? Check this out: http://deltiasgaming.com/2015/06/24/...rafting-guide/

Interested? Send a private message to me, Garok, or reply to the thread with only your XBOX ONE Gamer Tag

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I know y'all want to fish!!!
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you know you want to!
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