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When you choose your first clas...

It would be a very hard choice to most of The Elder Scrolls Online new players when they have the chance to choose their first choice to start the game. Nightblade, Sorcerers, Dragon Knights, Templars, which is most friendly to newcomers?? It's said that Dragon Knights are maybe the best option for beginners


Is this article all right, IMO, it's right, Dragon Knights is a better choice.
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i played every class in different ways. i would recommand to start with a magicka templar for pve/pvp. the reason why is simple: burst heal
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Yep, if you are used to MMOs and you like to play a good DPS class I'd suggest the magicka Sorc or Templar as well. Templar can be turned into a great healer if you prefer to play a healer more.
Sorcs got some self heal as well but rely more on shields or their pets to help them (depends on your play style).
If you like to play a tank I suggest the Dragon knight.
If you like to play a sneaky dps class take the Nightblade as a stamina DD.

But you can even play a templar as a tank as well, or a sorc with stamina dual wield options
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If you are a minmaxer and able to play every class at it's maximum, there is currently no way around magicka nightblade for single target encounters. But be warned, while most classes have the same difficulty, magblade is the only class that falls out of that scheme, it's by far the most difficult class to play and you won't do much dps if cannot play it properly. It's an "all or nothing" class that rewards the skilled.
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