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Lib add ons showing (Disabled)

I have a few add on's that have dependancy, but it shows that some of the lib files as being (disabled).

Do we know when, if ever, the following will be updated?


As they impact a few of the add ons that I have on - should I now remove them or wait for an update?

Also should I delete the following from my lists? Lore books, Lost Treasure, Destinations, Crafting Stations, Sky shards, LazyAlchemyLearner

Thanks for any advice given
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05/15/21, 04:27 AM   #2
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What stops you from simply enabling the libs you need?

Or are you experiencing any bugs when doing so?
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05/15/21, 08:44 AM   #3
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What I found amazing about all the videos is they all tell you how to install addons but none of them explain how to activate them. I guess because they feel it is pretty simple to understand by simply reading the screen and using common sense.

The first thing is, log into one of your characters rather then remaining on the screen where you can choose one of your characters because it doesn't show the same information.

After you log in when you can not activate a mod because it is red and won't let you, it should be intuitive that you click the triangle by the name to expand it. Then you can see if the requirement is missing on not active. If a requirement is missing then you need to install that with minion. If it mentions a mod is not active then you need to activate the requirement. Some mods have other requirements to function properly so you may have to activate or install other requirements first.

Once you activate everything and nothing is in red log out and log back in and you should be fine. You can do this all at once from the character selection screen but mods will not show in red if you have not activated something for some reason. So just pay attention to what is and isn't checked. They all need to be checked most likely.
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I do not really understand what your question is here.
Maybe this information about dependencies and how to check if addons need a dependency enabled, helps you as well:

Your named libraries are out of date and thus you wonde why they are not updated? Just enable the checkbox at the top right of the addon manager ingame (described at the link abve as well) and enable the libraries then
If you enable those libraries then you'll notice error messages? Check if the libraries are up2date or update them. Remove libraries from subfolders of addons and install them to your live/AddOns folder only.

About the addons you have asked if they need to be disabled:
You need to know yourself if you want to use them or not? If they work, use them. If they show error messages: Check the addon comments of the addons please, maybe you'll find fixes there. if they are just disabled as they show as outdated: Enable the checkbox mentioned above.

This checkbox will be gone with the Blackwood patch btw.
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