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Minion won't launch

I downloaded and installed Minion on my Win7 64 bit machine 2days ago. It kept giving me pop-ups of an error that I would just X out of and the program would launch. I would get the pop-up maybe 5or6 times in a row then it would stop. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the error was. I was also unable to create an account because my confirmation email wouldn't come through. So I just used it as a Guest and downloaded 3 add ons and they seem to work fine in-game.

ZAM customer support got back to me today and activated my account, so I can now post.

I tried launching Minion today and all I would get is the orange square with the Minion logo on it (splash screen?). It just sits there and the game won't launch. I don't even get the old error that I had when it was working. If I click on the splash screen, I get the message that it is not responding, so I close the program.

I have it installed in a custom location (D: Program Drive), but it was working before from that location.

I then installed it on my Win8 64 bit machine (also to a custom location on the D: Drive) and it is behaving the exact same way.

Is the problem because it is not on the C:Win drive? If so, why would it work initially?

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How long ago were you trying? Around 12pm CDT our site was having trouble and I'm sure Minion could not communicate with our servers. Everything is back to normal now so if its still not working let me know.

I would be interested to know what errors were popping up over and over?

If you try it now and it still hangs does it hang on the splash screen or the screen with the "Loading" progress bar?
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I'm at work for a few hours- I'll post an update here tonight.
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Everything working fine now.
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