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Unhappy Looking for Recipe Tracker for Alts (SOLVED)

Hi All,

I'm trying to find a recipe tracker that I can set to track different things for different alts.

So I have a character with 50 provisioning (Char1). While on other characters I would like an indication if Char1 knows X recipe (so I can buy it), I DON't want to know if the current character knows it. I'd also like to know if the currently viewed furniture has been collected by another character (Char2). I don't care/want to know if the current character has it (unless the current character is Char2).

ESO Master Recipe List kind of does this, except it is showing me both the current character and Alt's information in a single tick which I then have to hover over and manually check to see if the tick is for the current toon or the alt being tracked. Does that make sense?

I hope that's clear enough for someone to point me in the right direction.


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CraftStore has individual check boxes per character.
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I believe ESO Master Recipe List does this. At least, I'm using it exactly the way you describe. It sounds like the only thing you need to do is set "Show current character's unknown recipes" to OFF for all your characters. Then the green check only shows up if the tracking character doesn't know it.

My config: I turn tracking off (Character status >> Enable tracking OFF) for most of my characters. This doesn't impact my ability to see my other characters' tracking. If I am tracking recipes on a character (solely for the purpose of seeing it in tooltips) that isn't a "tracking character", I set "Show current character's unknown recipes" OFF. That way it doesn't produce a green check in Inventory, Guild Store, etc. I then set "Enable tracking character" ON and select my separate food and furniture characters.

I only see a check mark for food/drink recipes if my "food tracking character" doesn't know it. The same is true for furniture recipes and the "furniture tracking character".

ESOMRL does have a glitch in the settings screen where the furniture tracking character appears to be the same as the food recipe character, but behind the scenes it seems to be working properly.
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Smile Solved

Thanks to both of you.

CraftStore is doing what I need, so I will stick with it. Thank you Rhyono.

I do actually like ESO Master Recipe List better I think, but for now I can't be bothered fixing what is already working.
I DID have the problem of it constantly switching the tracking character back to other characters than the one being played. It was frustrating.
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06/15/19, 09:59 PM   #5
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maybe this is what you are looking for, it can track across accounts too and you can enable/disable it for individual characters UnknownTracker
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Thanks for the suggestion. Unknown Tracker was actually the first Addon I was using to do this. But it's not exactly what I wanted.

It has the following:
Default Colours
Green = can learn
Blue = have learnt (but some other characters havent)
Grey = have learnt (and all others characters have too)
These can be changed in "Misc Advanced"

But what I'd want would be a new category.
Purple = haven't learned on this character but being ignored, haven't been learned on character of interest.
So then I'd see a food recipe in a guild store and know right away I need to buy it for my provisioning character, without having to check which characters do and don't know it.

If that makes sense?

Thanks for the suggestion though. It is a good addon, lightweight. But doesn't do exactly what I was looking for.
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