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[Bug] Opening Minion forces ESO to restart Download process

I have found that after installing Minion today, that everytime I go to open ESO Launcher straight after, it forces me start downloading the game again.
This was not a problem before Minion, and it is the same on my wifes pc and friends pc too.
The game directory was installed to a slave HDD (F:\The Elder Scrolls Online) and the game directory does not seem to be getting modified at all after opening Minion. Closing ESO Launcher and reopening the Launcher again will not force a new download of game data, only opening ESO Launcher after having Minion opened will cause it.
23gb of data being downloaded every time I want to play with an addon is kind of annoying.

Windows 7 64bit.

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If you happen to face this problem too before Minion is fixed. Here is a simple trick you can do to avoid having to redownload the whole game again.

1) rename your installed game folder from (The Elder Scrolls Online) to anything else. (I put 1 at the end)
2) uninstall Elder Scrolls from your launcher directory.
3) reinstall the launcher and let it update, but close the launcher as soon as you see the 'Downloading Game" bar at the bottom of the launcher.
4) rename (The Elder Scrolls Online) folder back to how it was.
5) open launcher and it shouldn't need to redownload the update as it is already updated.

For this to work, I believe there is an issue with the way that Minion changes the Local setting data in C:\Users addon folder.
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That is incredibly odd. I'll run it past our programmers in the morning. It may be because of the non-default installation location, but I don't know for sure.
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Yeah it trashed my ESO folder also. I'm going to be playing in EU, so it actually started to redownload content for my The Elder Scrolls Online EU folder on Mac. It erased my content in there, I got like 4 GB out of the 32 GB that are supposed to be there!
Good job I had a folder with the complete game for the US server also, I just changed The Elder Scrolls Online folder's name to The Elder Scrolls Online and seems to have solved the problem for me.

It will be terrible for people who only have the game downloaded "once"
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What is the detected path Minion has for your addon folder (look under options)? Sounds like its being set to your game folder and not the addon folder. If you set the path to the game folder this would happen. If you set the path to the <documents>/Elder Scrolls Online/Live/AddOns folder it will work just fine.

If you manually entered where the game is it wants to know where the addon folder is not the game.

Can you attach your minion.xml located in your windows home/user folder under the .Minion folder?
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This is most likely not Minion's fault.

I think this is Launcher related, and to be more specific migrating to EU server related. I haven't had time to see the official forums yet though. My friend whom doesn't have any addons nor Minion is having the same issue. I do too but luckily I have the game data files stored both HDD and SSD. Many of my guildmates are having the problem as well (from EU).

So like OP said, installing the actual launcher again seems to fix the problem.

So if you want to play on EU server (US players probably don't have this issue at all, I assume as Cairenn didn't have it right ?):
  • Make sure you have your game data files saved somewhere safe or rename the folder, DO NOT click "Install" where it should say "Play" until you have done so.
  • Uninstall the launcher and download it from the your account page.
  • Execute Install_ESO_Beta.exe and choose where you want to install it.
  • Open the Launcher once it's installed, the launcher will then most likely ask you if you want to migrate to the EU server (select yes if you're from EU). You can double check from the launcher settings that the EU server is selected.
  • Click "Install" and then "Pause". Close the launcher (make sure it's closed).You should now have a folder called "The Elder Scrolls Online EU" in the same location where you installed your Launcher.
  • Copy the game files you had secured earlier into that folder (or rename the folder etc).
  • Run the Launcher and you should be able to see the "Play" button - or the client might download some updates still for the game.

Use it with your own risk. It worked for me at least and I'm currently playing on the EU server

For the side note, EU client will create a new folder in your My Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\ and instead of "live" you have a folder called "liveeu" You might want to copy stuff over from the live folder the the liveeu folder (your addons, settings etc).
Windows - <drive>:\Users\<username>\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\liveeu
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