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[Request] Update for Raffle Gold Tally


Was broken during the age of limited API. Noticed a few weeks ago it seemed accurate if we forced it to look at guild history... but now Raffle Gold Tally no longer works since Scalebreaker came out. I rely on this heavily for my trade guilds. Would someone be able to take a look and see if it can be fixed?
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08/14/19, 05:06 AM   #2
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Raffle Gold Tally not working since Scalecaller came out

I am in the same boat as I use this also for my guild raffle. Will this be fixed soon?
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08/14/19, 06:41 AM   #3
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I am willing to give 100k to anyone who can get it running by Saturday
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08/15/19, 05:22 AM   #4
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Found 2 bugs as I teted it ingame. Please redownload the file from the link below (new link!). Seems to work now, at least I can see the deposits of my guilds :-)

Let's give this a try, I think LibGuildHistory is broken.
Try this version: RaffleGoldTally 3

I wasn't able to test this ingame so please tell me if it throws error mesages!
I've done the following:

-Changed LibGuildHistory to use newfunction name RequestMoreGuildHistoryCategoryEvents
-Changed LibGuildHistory to not need LibStub anymore. Global variable LibGuildHistory is available now, + ## IsLIbrary: true tag was added, api version increase etc.
-Removed LibStub from libs folder (not needed anymore at all)
-Removed LibAddonMenu2 from subfolders and RaffleGold manifest txt (please install LibAddonMenu-2.0 in order to make this addon to be enabled ingame!!!)
-Change call to LibAddonMenu2.-0 in RaffleGold to use global variable LibAddonMenu2 instead of LibStub usage
-Change call to LibGuildHistory to use LibStub and if not present use the new global LibGuildHistory instead
-Updated txt files to use current APIversions and AddOnVersions etc.

I hope it works for you.

ZOs changed the guild history stuff so reading data from it takes some time now.
Check this thread for more info:

This might have broken this addon as well or at least slow down the information from the guild history a lot if you are using other addons like MasterMerchant or Tamriel Trade Center.

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