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Templar Healing skills and Staff Choice


During beta I played a Night-Blade and enjoyed it. But after looking at the Templar I have chosen that to be my main at launch. Sadly, not having experience playing it and a little confused on how specific skills work and have a few questions.

Centered around being PVP focused.
Just for a general idea I plan to go almost completely Skill/Magika based, Altmer, Heavy Armor. Using stamina for CC break, Immovable, and possible the 2h weapon stun Uppercut.

1st bar - Staff/Kiting DPS
2nd bar - 2h/Tank DPS

Basically open up and burst at range, then charge in an finish with melee, with a couple healing skills to help sustain. Sample Build - Will likely change : http://esohead.com/calculator/skills...Mi4b1847zzxLCe

Question 1: Reading through the Restoring Light skills, all of them besides Healing Ritual say that it heals "Nearby allies". Does this include yourself?

For instance the skill "Rushed Ceremony" a single target heal, if no allies are around can you use it on yourself, and if there is an ally around can you choose which of you receive the heal?

Question 2: Looking at the differences between using a Resto Staff and Destro Staff. Which would you consider better, I've read mixed reviews in the forums and wouldn't be using their skills for the most part, just passives.

Resto heavy attack with the passive for a self heal(if a nearby ally includes you) seems nice, along with the passive to do more damage based on your current health.

On the other side a Destro(Frost) staff with with the snare (tri-focus) would help control an enemy at range. Does this get applied with a basic heavy/light attack, or only by a skill?

Thanks in advance for your time, and feel free to give any build ideas/tips if you are experienced with Templar PVP.

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I'd like to give this post a bump. I'm planning on playing a Templar for healing as well, but more in PvE than PvP. The same questions generally apply regarding potential for self heals. Any help from someone playing a healer?
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If a spell says "heals a nearby wounded ally" it will automatically heal the lowest health friendly player in the area (including yourself). Not sure enough to advise on the rest though
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The resto Heavy attack passive also gives you mana back. I have NO IDEA why it doesn't say that in the text, but you can always try for yourself and reset if you don't like it.

I mainly heal on my Templar and when I solo PvE I have 2 attacks I spam and when I hit about half mana I just hold left click til i get most of my magicka back and spam some more.
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My post from the templar thread below.

Here's what I've been using for dungeoning as I level now as a pure healer templar (currently level 39ish).

Both weapons are resto staves.
Weapon 1
Purifying Ritual (Cleansing Ritual Morph)
Mutagen (Regeneration Morph)
Honor The Dead (Rushed Ceremony Morph)
Lingering Ritual (Healing Ritual Morph)
Inner Light

Weapon 2
Purifying Light (Backlash Morph to heal)
Radiant Aura (Restoring Aura Morph - probably will replace this with Blessing of Protection soon, or something else)
Ring of Preservation (Fighter guild, Circle of Protection Morph)
Immovable (Heavy Armor Active)
Inner Light

I am keeping innerlight on both bars, taking up the last slot (never have to toggle except to turn it on), so that it does not fade and I keep it up. I tend to swap weapons very often to apply Purifying light or keep Circle of Protection up. In doing so, I would have to recast innerlight every swap.

With my tests, inner light is amazing. 20% crit from the get go, and then the rest of the passives kick in. I'm wearing 5 piece light armor for the regen and crit rate, so another 5% crit there atm.

I basically keep mutagen on everyone, purifying ritual down for the bonus healing and then keep CoP up as often as possible while throwing around anything else I need.

For bossfights, Purifying light is decent damage when I have the downtime to cast it. Have been getting 1k hits at my level.

Single target heals are covered with Honor the Dead, very well I might add.

Mutagen and Lingering ritual seem to sit at around 20% crit because I keep people topped off as much as possible with it. Where as Honor the Dead sits at around 40-50% crit because I save it for big bursty heals when they're low health.

This is purely for my PvE group Dungeon content. My solo set is completely different. I use one bar for combat while questing, and the second is devoted to skills im leveling. So the skill-leveling bar is up for exploration XP and quest turn ins, while in combat I swap to the primary bar.

PvP bar will be a bit different for sure as well, and really depend on the fight.

I can not recommend wykkyd's outfitter enough once you're able to set it up. I have 3-4 bar layouts I use for different scenarios, and I expect many more to come (Zerg PvP, Solo PvP, Samall Man PvP, etc).
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