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New Addon Request

Not sure if there is anyone still creating new addons based on requests, but with recent changes to group size limitation in cyro- requesting an addon that allows user to place column of light on another (as RDK group tool does for crown now) who is not in their group- Guild played together for years and have no desire to break into smaller groups but that would call for having additional addon where you could select char to place the 'crown' column of light outside of your own group. Thanks and appreciation in advance for anyone capable willing to work on something like this.
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It's not so much the request as it is that for PVP a lot of the really nice quality of life enhancements like you're asking for can be exploited to be used for other purposes other than the innocent purpose you have.

And I don't have any problem with your request I'm just saying that this kind of thing is probably not something that would even be possible and if it was, the moment ZOS found out about it because it could be exploited easily, that functionality would be removed.
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In ESO you can only get map positions of your group members and your pets. The reason should be obvious
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"I'd like to see columns of light above the non-grouped hidden nightblades please!"
Just joking, but this would be one of the obvious reasons

Even for guild members of the same fraction it's not possible to track that, as andy already explained. Only grouped players.
That said, your request is not fullfillable via addons, sorry.
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