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[BUG] Internally mislabeled furniture recipes and items in PTS.


For reference, the following holds true for all furniture recipes in the game with the exception of the following:
  • Alchemy = Formula
  • Blacksmithing = Diagram
  • Clothing = Pattern
  • Enchanting = Praxis
  • Provisioning = Design
  • Woodworking = Blueprint

Mislabeled recipes and items:

Recipe ID: 119428 - Classified as Provisioning (Design), labeled "Diagram: Bowl, Fruit"
(Also, result item ID: 118098 for this recipe is labeled "Common Bowl, Serving" which is inconsistent.)
Recipe ID: 119325 - Classified as Clothing (Pattern), labeled "Design: Rough Bag, Burlap"
Recipe ID: 121546 - Classified as Clothing (Pattern), labeled "Blueprint: Argonian Box, Woven"
Recipe ID: 116002 - Classified as Blacksmithing (Diagram), labeled "Design: Breton Urn Lid, Striated


Here's a simple utility I made and thought I would share which will output all Homestead furniture recipe item ID's and their result item ID's to chat. Use an addon like pChat to copy this to the clipboard for pasting into Notepad++ to easily convert to a .CSV database for manipulation in Excel, etc.

(If using on the PTS do a /reloadui between lookups as pChat doesn't seem to properly clear previous chat logs on PTS yet.)


USE: Type /ffid followed by a space then a number (1-6):
1=Alchemy 2=Blacksmithing 3=Clothing
4=Enchanting 5=Provisioning 6=Woodworking
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