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Question Some Addons Not Listed (Find More)

Is there a reason that some addons do not show up when I search for them on the Find More tab? Do the authors have the option to hide their addon from Minion? I have it set for category ANY, ALL VERSIONS, and sort by DOWNLOADS (sort shouldn't matter I imagine). Below are a couple that do not show up when searched for. They are both in the developer utilities category, if that makes a difference. I can see why that category may be hidden, but they are also listed in other categories too. I've also seen other addons that are in the developer utilities category show up in Minion, so it's inconsistent. The only thing that I've noticed is that developer utilities is bolded in the category list for the missing addons. I guess this means that is the main category? Perhaps that's why they aren't locatable. I don't like that. Is there a way to enable developer utilities to show up, or could that be added in options as a checkbox or something? I have TextureIt installed, but it shows up in Minion under Installed as Circonians TextureIt [0.7 - FIX], which is NOT the same thing that I installed. At the very least, I feel like installed addons should show up regardless of category. Here are some examples.

Not Searchable In Minion:
MemCheck (Developer Utilities, Utility Mods)
Circonians TextureIt (Developer Utilities, UI Media) I have it installed, but shows up as different addon.

Searchable In Minion & Is In Category "Developer Utilities":
Slash 404 (Utility Mods, Data Mods, Info, Plug-in Bars, Miscellaneous, Developer Utilities, ESO Tools & Utilities)
Item Finder (Utility Mods, Data Mods, Developer Utilities)
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Those AddOns have the main category that does not show up in Minion because they can contain files other than AddOns that Minion wouldn't know how to install.

Their main category would need to be changed for Minion to be able to display them.
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