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Wink [PC][NA]Housing and Crafting Guild Recruiting

I'kiia Home Furnishing is a new guild that focuses on furniture crafting and housing, and we're currently looking for more players. We welcome everyone old and new who's interested in buying, selling, or trading motifs, along with learning new ones and crafting their own goods. We often share access to our houses, hold tours, and share decorating ideas with one another. We also hold contests, raffles, and giveaways! But we don't focus ONLY on furnishings and houses. We also help new players learn the game, and offer and outlet for people to find groups for dungeons or quests. We also help people with obtaining crafting mats and making gear, as many of our biggest furniture crafters are also skilled at making gear.

Our Interests:
• Buying/Selling/Trading Motifs
• Crafting Furniture
• Crafting Gear
• Decorating Houses
• Dungeon Groups
• Questing
• Trading

As of writing this post, we have an active guild store and will be looking to expand to a guild trader as soon as possible. We also have a Discord channel that we use to make announcements and keep people in the loop while also remaining social outside of the game (for those that enjoy that). If you're interested, feel free to contact
@CrassCulture or @Khodin
on ESO for more info or an invite!

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