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Should be simple - seems it's not (for me anyway)

I am having trouble understanding the interactions between xml and lua. I have a control:

    <TopLevelControl name="WhichSetIndicator" mouseEnabled="true" movable="true" clampedToScreen="true">
      <Dimensions x="250" y="25" />
      <Anchor point="BOTTOM" relativeTo="GuiRoot" relativePoint="CENTER" offsetY="-20" />

        <Label name="$(parent)Label" width="250" height="25" font="ZoFontWinH1" inheritAlpha="true" color="FF0000"
            wrapMode="TRUNCATE" verticalAlignment="TOP" horizontalAlignment="CENTER" text="Main Weapon Set!">
          <Anchor point="TOP" relativeTo="$(parent)" relativePoint="TOP" />
I would like to change the 'text' element during a keypress event which I already have working. I just can't find the correct way to change the text. I would imagine I could do something like this:

function WhichSet.OnActionBarChange(event, actionbar)
	if WhichSet.whichActionBar ~= GetActiveWeaponPairInfo() then
		WhichSet.whichActionBar = GetActiveWeaponPairInfo()

	if WhichSet.whichActionBar == 1 then
		WhichSetAddonIndicator:SetText("Main weapon set!")
		WhichSetAddonIndicator:text("Secondary weapon set!")

As you might have guessed, the red lines do not work. Can someone help?
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Shouldn't you be writing to the label? Which would be WhichSetIndicatorLabel:SetText("test")
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Rhyono is correct: You should use WhichSetAddonIndicatorLabel.
If you look at the XML, you have name="WhichSetIndicator". So the game makes a TopLevelControl called WhichSetIndicator. WhichSetIndicator is then added to the global table, allowing you to call it using WhichSetIndicator in Lua code. Next, you have name="$(parent)Label". This tells the game to take the name of the parent (WhichSetIndicator:GetName()) and append Label to it (WhichSetIndicator:GetName().."Label") and make that the name of the Label. So then you can call it as WhichSetIndicatorLabel in Lua code. You can also do WhichSetIndicator:GetNamedChild("Label") which might be more readable. I'd also suggest zgoo (specifically, when you have it, do /zgoo WhichSetIndicator) which could help you in the future if you run into problems with UI design.
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07/18/18, 10:54 AM   #4
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Thank you so much for the insight. This should help a lot. I am new to this and have not yet read much LUA reference material. I was relying on previous programming experience in other languages. I guess I had better do my homework. Again, Thank you.
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