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LF - Modified Default group frame addon

Hi I'm looking for an addon that modifies the default group frames to add player class, health and level to the frames. I have found serveral addons suites that replace these frames however I like the looks of the default UI frames so am looking to just add functionality to them rather than replace them outright as such addons as LUIE and AUI do.

Many thanks if you know of such an addon or are able to add these things to an existing addon.
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09/04/19, 07:06 AM   #3
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Thanks for the reply Baertram. I've had a look at both of those and Rebirth is the closest to what im looking for however it hasnt got the addition of the level or class symbols on the frames. If it had those it'd be perfect and exactly what i was looking for.

Joegroup ive looked at too but its a complete replacement and not what im looking for
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Ask for the class icon to be added, should be simple.
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I took your advice Baertram and asked on the addon page if the additions would be possible to make. Votan replied and said "The addon is intended to be extentible. Maybe someone did it already or wants to."

I'd love to be able to do this myself but have 0 knowledge of where to look and what to do, never programmed or used LUA ever in mylife. I guess from his/her reply that it's something that can be done just not something they would do.
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