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Logging out of Character is quitting the game

I have obviously installed an addon that is conflicting with something, I'm an Addon Noob not sure what i should do to rectify any help would be appreciated
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You should at first update ALL addons and libraries to the newest versions! Either manually or use Minion.
And always keep the updated BEFORE playing/starting the game. Do not update as the game is running.

Check your SavedVariables folder (c:\users\....\documents\elder scrolls online\live\SavedVariables, or read here how to find the addons folder, 1 folder above at the "live" folder you'll find the SavedVariables folder: https://www.esoui.com/forums/faq.php...owto_install):
Is there any file with a real big size (several MB)?
e.g. a LibDebugLogger.lua file?

Check the file's name and you should know which addon it could be.
Check the addon's comments if you can find anythign about crashes at logout.
If not, just rename the SavedVariables file(s) (make a backup) and test if this fixes it.

Check your Antivirus tool (windows defender e.g.) and allow windows to access the elder scrolls online directory mentioned baove so it is able to write to it properly!

Anything else we can not see or help as there might be like 100000 problems on your computer with drivers or other stuff which might be the reason for the crash.

Save a screenshot of your active addons so you got a list for later.
You could disable all addons and libraries and try if you still crash at logout.
If not: Enable the addons (in packages of e.g. 5) again once after another and try if you crash again. Then disable a few of these again until you got the one causing the crash.

Take your time and check which addon uses which dependency/library! If addon1 is enabled and the game crashes this might not be the addon#s fault but also a library's fault the addon is using. Sometimes enabling library1 will also enable addon2. And vice versa. disbalign library1 will disable addons1 2 and 3 which all depend on it.
So be sure to blame the correct addon or lib if you crash
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