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06/16/18, 05:15 AM   #1
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[open] Necrotic Orb / Spear Shards cooldown naming/localization inconsistencies

Hey Chip,

I remember you posted that the combat team consolidated the (internal) cooldown for necrotic orb / spear shards synergies some time ago. Now that all ability ranks are consolidated, I noticed some naming inconsistencies between the appropriate combat effect names.

The following cooldowns are all doing the same thing: Applying an effect on your character that prevents the player from using the orb/shards synergy before the lockout period of 15s has run out (internal cooldown).

The following abilities can trigger it:
  1. Necrotic Orb (Undaunted guild skill line)
  2. Energy Orb (Undaunted guild skill line)
  3. Spear Shards (Aedric Spear skill line [Templar])
  4. Luminous Shards (Aedric Spear skill line [Templar])

Here are the ability IDs belonging to the effect names and their localized names (in german), printed by /script d(GetAbilityName(abilityId)):
  1. [85434]: "Speerscherben / nekrotische Kugel CD"
  2. [63512]: "Speerscherben / nekrotische Kugel CD"
  3. [48052]: "Spear Shards / Necrotic Orb CD"
  4. [95924]: "Speerscherben/nekrotische Kugel^N"

As you can see the two effects triggered by both orb morphs are fine: they are localized and match each others name. Spear shards have some issues though: 48052 is not localized properly and 95924 is localized but has a different name, uses escape signs and lacks the spaces before and after the slash.

Could you ask your combat team to consolidate and localize all four ability ID's names into one name ('Speerscherben / nekrotische Kugel CD')?

Cheers, Letho
(and thanks for the consolidation of all ability ranks, makes coding and handling my addon so much easier!)

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06/21/18, 05:14 PM   #2
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It's not just Spear Shards / Necrotic Orb but a lot of other synergies too with inconsistent names (and icons too) - and not only the cooldowns:

You can see the whole list under my spreadsheet here (in each class/skill line category): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets...it?usp=sharing (Note the columns in grey are just for tracking my changes in LUI Extended)

As far as just the internal cooldown abilityId's, this is the list:

I feel like they should be normalized, whether its "Synergy Name" "Cooldown" or "Synergy Name" "Synergy Cooldown." Probably the former to prevent wicked longer ability names.
Note at the very least here, the only one that's not correctly named after the Synergy is Black Widows.

Shackle - 67717 Shackle Synergy Cooldown
Ignite - 48040 Ignite Synergy Cooldown
Hidden Refresh - 37733 Hidden Refresh Cooldown
Soul Leech - 25172 Soul Leech
Charged Lightning - 48085 Charged Lightning Cooldown
Conduit - 43769 Conduit Synergy Cooldown
Blessed Shards - 48052 Spear Shards / Necrotic Orb CD
Holy Shards - 95924 Spear Shards / Necrotic Orb CD
Supernova - 48939 Supernova
Gravity Crush - 48938 Gravity Crush
Purify - 22270 Purify
Harvest - 85572 Harvest
Icy Escape - 88892 Icy Escape Cooldown
Feeding Frenzy - 58813 Feeding Frenzy
Blood Funnel - 39521 Blood Funnel
Blood Feast - 41966 Blood Feast
Spawn Broodlings - 39451 Spawn Broodlings Cooldown
Black Widows - 41997 Spawn Broodlings Cooldown
Arachnophobia - 42019 Arachnophobia
Radiate - 41840 Radiate
Bone Wall - 39424 Bone Wall
Spinal Surge - 42196 Spinal Surge
Combustion - 85434 Spear Shards / Necrotic Orb CD
Healing Combustion - 63512 Spear Shards / Necrotic Orb CD

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