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account saved two times, with different naming


I dont know how this is possible but here what i found and why i found it

- first why i found it : i noticed that for one of my account, the savedvariables were not correct. I was applying the same settings than my other account, doing a reloadui and even log out in case the game crash to be sur to have the last settings,

Even doing this, at each logging, the settings were the basic one from the addon, not my choices.

So i decided to check the savedvariables of the main addons having the problems, used notepad ++ to open them, and simply checked if the settings i had for the others account, where also the good one for the one with problem.

And i confirmed that none of the settings were saved, just the basic from the addon. But then inoticed that one of my account was saved 2 times, with 2 different libelle

@darkesmerald (which is the good name)
@Darkesmerald (which apply here a cap to the first letter)

Is this an obligation for some addons to have double naming, because the savedvariables from ZoS have only one of the naming (first one) not the second.

Could this block for any reason the settings for the other account ?

Or there was a change in the API for the account saved variables and some addons did not apply them ?

FCOchangestuff - Nothankyou - Action duration reminder - assist rapidriding - recount : are the one i had this problem.

For the saved settings, i decided to use Notepad++ and to copy/paste the good settings on the concerned basic account.
At loggng all was fine.

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Hey Anceane,

if the addons use ZO_SavedVars:NewAccountWide e.g. it should use the API function GetDisplayName() internalle (returning the @accountName) you are currently logged in with.
You can use the /script d(GetDisplayName()) ingame to show the @account it returns.
The API funciton has not changed afaik and should always return the same style of characters. It might be always satrting with an uppercase character. But I'm not sure if there are accounts starting with a lower case char as well.
But the value the SVs write to and read from are the same: the result of GetDisplayName()

If the addons do not use ZO_SavedVars it's their own way of storing the data to the SV table mentioned in the ## SavedVariables: <tablename> of the addon's txt file. They could use GetDisplayName() but somehow change the 1st character then later on before passing it to the table.

I cannot talk for the other addons but FCOChangeStuff is mine and it is using ZO_SavedVars only!
It should look like this in your SVs:
FCOChangeStuff_Settings =
    ["Default"] = 
        ["@Baertram"] = 
Where @Baertram is the accountname that GetDisplayName() returns.

As I got no problems with the settings I assume you have either manipulated the files manually once some day and used a search & replace for the accountName in the SV files and accidently created the "other" entry.

Or some addon ingame is doing a no-go, overwrites GetDisplayName, changing the first character?
-> Try to use notepad++ search menu -> search in files: search in all of your addons in live/AddOns for GetDisplayName and check if there is an assignment somewhere, like
GetDisplayName = function
function GetDisplayName
GetDisplayName =

Else I'm puzzled how this would happen.

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Thank you for all the informations.

I did the search with notepad++ and so far nothing.

The only thing i may imput all this, is that since same days, ZoS crashed a lot, boot a lot, and when this happens i always have a problem with my saved variables, as a crash due to zos, at logging a sort of rebuild of the saved variables is done.

i did another global research this morning, and i found some others addon on which the 2 accounts were created :


and only for that particular account. Also i noticed that there is a difference in @darkesmerald and @Darkesmerald : they each have saved different characters settings. For example the Character name Che SarÓ has the settings saved in @darkesmerald but have the basic settings of the addon in @Darkesmerald. And this is different like this for all characters.

All other accounts are fine, except the one for which yesterday none of the settings would be registered, and that i had to force by manually copying the setting from an addon to another (the selected part of the new settings i wanted)

And if i do something in some addons, its more about visual graphics (i change the icons, or the color value) but i never ever modify the code as anyway i would not be able to do it, unless you tell me to apply this or this with a precise modele.

So what i will do is that i will supress all duplicate reference of the @darkesmerald account with a different writing.

And after the next crash i will watch again what happened.

Thank you

Test script in game give : @darkesmerald

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