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09/02/22, 10:37 AM   #1
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Why the monopoly on addon management?

I get it. The creators wanted ESOUI users to use their own Minion app.

This wouldn't be an issue if it was still actively improved and updated.

The codebase is JAVA.... JAVA! I shouldn't have to explain why this is an issue.

To make matters worse, you all seem to disallow access to the API.

Again, wouldn't be an issue if Minion was updated regularly or swapped over to a new codebase.

And no, I don't consider security patches every year a continuation of production. It's end of life support.

Minion is abandon-ware. The last 'feature' update, if you can call an about menu a feature update was 2018.

If you don't count that as one, which I would not, then your last update was 2016.

If the devs are moving on to greener pastures, I get it. But open up access to the API so others can move on.

I'm posting this because there is a slew of issues that Minion continually has and everyone experiences them, but NO stability patches have been released. It's time to open up the API. Please...
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