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Question wood elf stat points

Hi All,

I'm looking for good way to put my stat points for a wood elf.
Does anybody know how much i need to put on Health, Stamina, magica.

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Hello, welcome to the forums, I'm new here as well. To start off it would be helpful if you could tell everyone what class you are and what kind of playstyle you are going for and what weapon and armor type you want to use.
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If you are playing a night blade with a bow it all depends on your stamina:
-More damage
-Constant damage = More damage

But you'll surly need some health to be alive so you are able to DO damage

I'd say you put about 10 points to health and the rest to stamina.
This way, and by the night blades stamina reg + stamina gain (warrior guild skills as well) you can fight long fights in dungeons and do a lot of damage constantly.

Youe can spend points in the champion system to need less stamina for your skills, raise your stamina reg and need less stamina for blocking too. This way you are able to block in big enemy groups, do AOE dmg by using e.g. the double wield skill "Steel rain".

Everything else is about the healer then and maybe the Templar throwing some stamina reg shards here and there ^^
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The number of attribute points you'd spend somewhere depends on race, class, gear, and what you had for lunch (quite literally -- food boosts health, magicka, and/or stamina).

While you're leveling, I'd say just throw the next point into whichever it feels you need more of. If you've been dying a lot, put more in health (that and make sure your gear isn't 12 levels old).

Endgame figure out how much health you want. Get all the other sources of buffs you'll normally have, then add attribute points to get to that amount. Dump the rest in your main resource pool (magicka or stamina).
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