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[Undying Spirit], PC NA EP, PVX Guild recruiting!

Hey there! If you've clicked on this, then you're probably interested in joining a guild. Or you're wondering what PVX even MEANS.

So, before we get into the nitty-gritty of guild recruiting, and to make it short for those just trying to understand what PVX is: PVX is a guild that focuses equally on PVE and PVP. Okay! Whew got that out of the way.

Now, who are we? Undying Spirit is a guild that has been a part of Elder Scrolls Online since Closed Beta. Our goal has always been to make friends and to form bonds with members of the grander mmo community.


We have a strong pvp group who are willing to help inexperienced pvpers understand what they're doing in the grand realm of Cyrodiil. Our home campaign currently is Chillrend, and we have regular pvp nights on Thursdays.


PvE is a little different. Because our members' levels vary in great ranges, we haven't been focusing entirely on PvE. However, we have a friendly troupe willing to help out any of the new players. We are building great Pledge groups, and look forward to recruiting Vet players for other endgame content. A trials group will start soon after the console version launches.


We rely on TS more than guild chat, so I request that recruitees be willing and comfortable to speak in TS (or at least listen.)


We have an average of ten people online, ranging anywhere between five and twenty-something. (Our members are generally 18+, though there is no age-restriction upon joining. Just, yknow, maturity. :P )

Final Notes

A few questions for those willing to apply:

1. Are you comfortable using TS? (aforementioned, but in case ya'll scrolled. Lazy ***.)
2. Will you contribute to guild discussions? (can you apply creativity and dedication to change the guild? Are you comfortable doing so? Do you even WANT to be the force that molds the guild?)
3. Can you handle awful karaoke?
4. Can your ears stand horrible jokes? (...psst, have you heard the one about the physicist?)
5. Are you familiar and comfortable with participating in insane shenanigans that may or may not result in gear repairs, death, and frustration? Oh, c'mon, we'll have a blast
6. Do you have a Spirit Undying?

Thank you for reading this far! As far as rules and regulations go, we have one: Respect. I feel, as guild leader, that respect is the most important rule. The rest will follow. Of course, maybe besides the month and a half inactivity boot. :P If you think you want to be a part of our growing and active community, please message me in game @Popcorngirl, or you can also message @Shadowfire829 and @cgreenwood

I look forward to meeting you! Have a beautiful day!

Undying Spirit

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