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Vet Trials Guild LFM

Clock Wise Counters is a guild focused toward end game content specifically veteran trials. Our guild is new and growing and we have several scheduled runs a week that include vMoL/vHoF and HM trials as well as a number of unscheduled runs. We are currently recruiting for positions in our core group especially for heals and tanks and have tryout runs. Whisper @Roayer or @Hellking54 if interested. We use discord as a primary way for scheduling and we are trying to put together a group for running vHoF and other vets consistently 3 times a week. We also have progression runs for those who want to learn veteran trials which include vMoL since those groups are hard to get into. There are no requirements to join the guild (please be vet trial ready) however for the core group we require:

All members of the core group must make at least 1 scheduled raid a week unless they are a designated substitute helping out. They must be Cp300+, have purple gear or higher, raid notifier, and access to a microphone. In order to attempt a vet trial or a vet hardmode, you must have completed the trial on normal at least 3 times and for a hardmode completed the trial on veteran at least once.

Tank: Must be able to tank 6 axes on vAA and the warrior on vHRC. Must have access to at least 2 of the following sets and 2 of the following monster helms all must be purple gear or higher: Ebon/Alkosh/Powerful Assault/Sanctuary/Torugs. For vHoF it is recommended to have access to plague Doctor and/or Green pact and ironblood. Monster helms: should have Bloodspawn, Chudan, Pirate, or Lord Warden, preferably 2 of the 4.

Dps: Must be able to pull 30k dps on a target dummy with only a healer applying elemental drain. Prefer 35k+ for stam. Must be cp300+, preferably cp500+. Stamina characters should (not required) have access to 1 of the following sets: Nightmother's Gaze, Sunderflame, or Warmachine in order to help buff the group. Magicka users should have access to Infallible Aether (Sorc) or Master Architect (Templar).

Healer: Must be cp450+ and have completed all craglorn vet trials. Combat prayer should be up 70% of the time. Must have access to Spell Power cure and at least 2 of the following sets: Sanctuary, Worm Cult, and Mending. Must be able to follow directions efficiently. Warden's are Okay as long as 2 templars are in the group.
GM ClockWise Counters
Raid Tank/dps
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looking to join up for vet trials recruitment, PC/NA PST/Mountain depending on time of year.
I have 10 CP 660 toons and am interested in vet trials group. My preferred toon is my Mag Sorc with Netch/Julianos or Necro/Julianos and have IA in gold if needed. my latest solo parse on dummy is 27k without anyone buffing and have done vAA and vHRC multiple times but haven't attempted the other trials for lack of a good group to join. So it looks like i would wind up in the training groups which would be great.
If that works for you guys whisper me in game or whatever you do. TY
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