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How can I install Minion on addons

Portal Knights - The immersive mobile game of world action

From the beginning, players will immediately recognize Minecraft's familiar graphics style in Portal Knights. Not only that, you will have the opportunity to explore, exploit and manually build everything in this fairytale open world. However, if that's the case, Portal Knights is boring. So the highlight creates an irresistible attraction of this game, which is an attractive way to kill monsters, creating a thrilling feeling, stimulating the desire to conquer in players. Accordingly, the game creates a more interesting feeling with monsters killing screen, not just focusing on resource exploitation and building construction.

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Portal Knights' graphics are built on a pretty 3D platform and are easy to see. It is worth noting that the game's image and the world of the game, although built in square form, still carry many features of Legend of Zelda. Movement of characters in the game is relatively flexible, flexible, sympathetic to the players.

In fact, the Portal Knights character also possesses special skills that can be released continuously, similar to the "hack & smash" style in many other action games. The game also introduces players to 3 character classes, including Warrior, Mage and Ranger.

However, choosing the character class is only the first step, when the player will be able to choose different weapons for his character. Not only that, the character can also learn more special skills, which have very useful effects in combat. Action gameplay is also shown more clearly when allowing characters to perform dodging moves, and counter-attacks. Interesting!

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The game takes players into a world full of floating islands, asking us to find ways to move back and forth to find resources, build items and houses. In the meantime, you also have to fight many types of enemies and overcome tough bosses to gain resources. Can be built anywhere, you will enjoy when seeing a basic thatched hut being upgraded to complex structures placed everywhere. The islands are endless and will constantly be created according to random rules, with rich terrain such as deserts, forests, and mountains. To move back and forth you have to collect or make green glass pieces and attach them to teleport towers to open the door. After opening a door, you have created a path that can be used at any time.

The action gameplay is also shown more clearly when allowing characters to perform dodging moves, and counter-attacks. Unlike in other role-playing games, when the player gets the quests available to gain experience points, gold coins and story-driven, in Portal Knights, all in-game activities are discovered by players. Step by step, players will be delighted to explore the game world. Destroy small Bosses, earn ingredients, increase power, then destroy larger Bosses, earn more rare equipment. Challenging Boss System can be considered a highlight in the game. This requires players to hunt for more materials, to create for themselves the powerful equipment and increase the index for the character.

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I would like to install Minion to addons but it seems to be not work. How can I do?

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What is not working in detail please?
The download link to Minion is: https://cdn.mmoui.com/minion/v3/Minion3.0.5-32bit.exe

Maybe read the FAQ about Minion: https://www.esoui.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8082
-> Maybe I'm wrong but please especially check the "non-latin characters in your windows user-name" point
I hope it helps.
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