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Minion freezing

I've had a problem with Minion lately; it allows me about 30 seconds worth of access and then freezes. I got as far as the 9th bullet point on the Troubleshooting guide, but could go no future. Enclosed please find the requested file (there was no log file, which is why I couldn't do bullet point #9). Thanks for your help!

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Please do not POST the files but ATTACH them to your post completely.
There also should be a minion.log in the same folder as the minion.xml file.
If it was not createad Minion really got some problems.

Please try:

-Deinstall Minion
-Rename the minion.log and minion.xml files to get new files after next install
-Update your Java Runtime environment version installed on your computer:
-> Maybe create a Windows restore poinmt manually before just to be safe and able to go back to the restore point if anythign weird happens afterwards:

-Reinstall Minion 32 bit as administrator -> Not to the default directory c:\... but to another drive like d:\ or e:\ if you got them.
If not install to c:\Minion directly but NOT to c:\users\... !

-CLOSE Eso client and launcher completely!
-Run Minion as admin and click on the gear icon at the top right, choose scan depth -> 6
-Setup the ESO game and let it scan for games
-If it again freezes read the minion forum posts here at esoui: There was someone posting something about minion taking ages after scanning the games and addons. And another software was the cause.
I just don't remember where it was posted sorry, and not the name of the software.
So you really need to take the time and read the minion threads about "freeze" or "unresponsive" or "not starting" or "no addons" and similar search terms.
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I found the post I meant in my post above:

Originally Posted by LucidSeraph View Post
Hey an update @Baertram

As noted in the edit of my post, it seems that one of the problems may have been that I was running [email protected] in the background, which is a VERY heavy duty CPU and GPU process (basically I'm helping scientists find potential antiretrovirals that might work against the coronavirus and work toward a vaccine by donating my processor cycles ) I think the massive load on my CPU and GPU meant that Minion actually couldn't allocate the resources to finish scans. It's still a little shaky, and I wish Minion didn't act so weird on reinstall, but it's working now. Alas, it'll have to stay on my C drive (the SSD), I think, but at the very least I'm still able to move my other games to the D drive (the HDD).

*edit* I have removed the duplicate ESOs. Everything working fine so far now. Have to finish some other install processes but will do another update once I have a chance to run ESO itself again.

*edit2* I guess since I'm on the subject, just because I really do think it's cool: if anyone reading this thread wants to also contribute to [email protected], go here: https://foldingathome.org/start-folding/
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I dunno, the website is also slow. I put it down to everyone and their mother updating addons due to the greymoor update. So I wouldn't be suprised if it affects minion. I thought it froze as well but it loaded.. eventually.
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Red face Thanks, @Baertram

I followed your instructions, and I have a fully working Minion again. I want to say thanks for that, and apologize for 1) not attaching the file, but copy and pasting in the thread (which has been corrected), and for 2) not taking the time to read all possible threads regarding this issue. The few threads I searched for were of no help, so I posted my own thread instead. Again, I'm sorry if I inconvenienced you in any way.
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