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Make it stop

I can not get Minion to stop opening with every .zip file I download. I deleted and reinstalled and gave up and deleted it again. Im still stuck with error boxes where zip files are calling minion to open. Now instead of launching the program, it says "No main class specified" and "Failed to launch JVM". I deleted everything and there's nothing named minion left on my computer besides a movie. Winrar is the default program to open zip files. I have rebooted repeatedly. How do I stop this insanity? I have had rootkits that were easier to remove.
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Hello Bethh314,

You mean Minion.exe starts (allthough you deleted it all, which is physically impossible if it still starts) with every zip file you have downloaded and that you doubleclick afterwards?
Because downloading a zip file should not automatically open anyhting, right?
Or do you choose "Open" from your browser directly?

I'm not sure how you managed to set Minion.exe as your default .zip opening program. It's definately nothing that happens automagically nor that Minion can even do :-)
You say you have set WinRar for that, so did you do this while having admin rights so it is actually applied?
Press START and type default -> It should show you the default apps.
Open it and click on "Default apps by filetype".
Scroll down to .zip and .zipx at that list and change the program explicitly to WinRar then.
-> Was Minion set there?

Did you uninstall Minion via the control panel -> Remove programs?
Press START and type remove, then click on the shown "remove programs" app.
Search for Minion in that list and uninstall it.

I'm not sure where you have instaleld Minion to but the default install directory is:
C:\Users\your windows user name\AppData\Local\Minion (AppData might be a hidden folder so you need to enable "Show hidden folders" at the file explorer tab "View" -> "Settings" -> "View" tab -> "Show hidden files and folders and drives". The folder AppData should be shown slightly see-through afterwards).
Check that AppData\Local\Minion folder and delete what you do not need (maybe you want to keep the xml or config or other files).

If the next downloaded zip archive still opens with Minion.exe and you get that error message:
Leave the message on screen!

Open the task manager CTRL+ALT+DEL -> Task manager
Press on the "More details" button to expand it.
Switch to the "Details" tab and search for the Minion.exe file.
-> If there is no Minion.exe, ther emight be an entry called "Minion" only?
Right click it, choose "Properties" and check where that exe file is lcated.
Search in that folder for an uninstaller and uninstall it, or delete it.

You can also use START and type regedit, then run the Registry editor and search for Minion.exe to find entries in your system registry which connects minion.exe to anything.
Make a backup before changing anything! The menu of the registry editor should provide some way to save/export the registry keys as a .reg file so double clicking it would import that old values again, if you got troubl after changing them in teh registry editor.

But beware of changing too much or things you do not understand, as you might destroy stuff in your Windows if you delete or change too much via the registry editor!

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