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Sorcerers - let's discuss skills !

Hey everyone,

I was invited ealy january, and I created 6 sorcerers as of right now.
Some went 6 or 7, two went way higher (max was 16).
I can't tell I checked everything, there was too much to try. However, I can tell you that things pleased me... or didn't.
I'd like to know about your experience with sorcerers, and how that went.

1) Dark Magic - Summoner - Light Armor - Destruction Staff
The pet (morphed to Clannfear) wasn't a big addition. In fact, I felt it was quite useless.
Dark Magic was strong combined with Soul Trap, but it wasn't THAT powerful. It had nice CC, but that was all. Didn't try any spell from Destr Staff.

2) Dark Magic - Summoner - Light Armor - Restoration Staff
Again, the pet wasn't interesting. It survived a bit more with Restoration staff passive, but I wasn't convinced at all. I felt my mana wasn't there when I needed it the most.
Restoration staff was clearly an upgrade from before.

3) Lightning - Dark Magic - Medium Armor - Dual Wield
Way better than expected, with 1/1/1 on char points.
However, I somehow found that 1/1/1 wasn't the smartest choice. I believe it could be very strong, but it needed a very well planned character. Since it was beta, it wasn't, and I feel I made it wrong.
However, clearly better than the two previous ones.

4) Lightning - Dark Magic - Light Armor - Restoration Staff
At some point, I found out that sorcerers needed A LOT of defensive stats.
I morphed (8sec) Lightning Armour, took a lot of Resto Staff skills, and a lot of mana regen.
I did Broken Cells (1rst dungeon in Auridon) at lv12 as a healer.
Best character I made so far !
Blessing of Protection is the best !
It wasn't THAT offensive, but if 3 dremoras can't take you... even by surprise, what could you possibly need more ?
30% offensive, 70% defensive = best combination I found.

5) Lightning - Dark Magic - Heavy Armor - Destruction Staff
Trash character. Moving on.

6) Lightning - Dark Magic - heavy Armor - Resto Staff
Lack of mana was planned.
And it was painful.
So painful I couldn't keep up with my other char.
Moving on... to next beta.

Soooo. I think Sorcerer is a very strong class, but somehow it lacks of survivability without Resto Staff, and it lacks of mana. I didn't feel of a sorcerer THAT much with 50% mana. It was one, perhaps two spells.
Morphing was interesting every time, except when it was for mana preservation/mana reduction : then it was the best in morph (BIM will be a thing !). I tried morphing for AoE dmg, it was ridiculous. Don't ever do that, except if you could 4 morph like that.
Btw, when I felt like I was "getting enough mana regen", the game told me I had to much, and then gave me diminishing return...

Now I didn't try everything (I left Summoner, but I heard Daedric curse was nice + Winged Summon was interesting), Destro staff had Force Pulse I didn't try, or Wall... But I'd like to know what YOU thought about all this.


PS : except for the 1/1/1 char, I went 3/3/1.

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