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10/22/15, 02:15 PM   #1
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New TESO Screenshot/Humor Site Open For Submissions

Hey everyone, I am a long-time lurker who has only registered today because up till this point I never thought I really had anything to add to a discussion. I hope it's all right to introduce myself like this. I am not trying to overly plug my site, I just chose to post this here first rather than on the official forums, because after spending a lot of time reading here I feel like you folks are more friendly and can give me good feedback if you are interested... anyway.

Some friends and I were looking for a site like bash.org that catalogs funny chat logs, but for TESO. There were a couple for WoW a few years back. But anyway, we didn't find a TESO one so we decided to make one. So far we've received about 30 submissions just from word of mouth in zone chat in a few areas. There are a few that I think are really funny... a lot are meh... but really I am interested to see how it all goes. We have a small voting system set up. Trying to do it the way bash.org did it, so we don't pick and choose the ones we want to put up... we will post almost all and then let the community votes decide if they are good or not.

So, if it is ok to do so here, I would like to invite you to check out teslol.net and submit funny, cool, or strange screenshots you have, not just chat logs but also just funny things from the game like funny NPCs, or weird bugs. The submissions we already posted this month give a good cross section of things. I would also like any feedback you might have on the site. The design is very simple as of yet and yes there are ads on it, but I tried to pick unobtrusive ones (google), as I just want to offset the costs of hosting.

I am open to all feedback and criticism, like I said I have a couple of friends helping me but I ended up taking the lead on this, and I am not super experienced in web site management. So any input is welcome. Thanks for reading and if you have any submissions we at teslol.net will welcome them
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10/22/15, 03:11 PM   #2
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Awesome idea. Will keep you in mindwhen I take screenies.
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08/19/18, 06:48 AM   #3
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Good idea. Will post some screenshots later on.
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08/22/18, 11:19 AM   #4
Cheryl Lowry
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Not bad, not bad...Maybe I will join you...if I take some cool screenshots))
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