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Patch Notes v1.3.3


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.3.3, our third major content update.

In this update, we’ve added armor dye stations where you can change the color of your armor with dyes you unlock through achievements. We’ve also added and improved many guild features including the addition of guild heraldry, guild traders, and improved guild management.

Another exciting change is the updates to our campaigns in Cyrodiil. We’ve implemented new campaign options, each with their own rule set.

Alongside these new features, you’ll find many fixes to quests, combat, art, and audio. We’re also continuing to work on the overall class balance, but are doing so carefully so as not to impact your build too much.

Of immediate interest for our users:

  • When you’re in a different channel with group members, but in the same zone, you will now get an auto-prompt to travel to the group leader.
  • Fixed an issue so food buffs as shown within the stamina and magicka bars will now persist while traveling to a new zone.
  • Fixed an issue where if you entered a menu before a trade invitation was accepted, all items from the trade window would appear missing.
  • Fixed an issue so the Spell Critical Strike chance from The Thief mundus stone will now display on your character sheet.
  • Fixed an issue with the dialog options while talking with the Quartermaster about inspecting a keep.
  • Fixed an issue where some Points of Interest would remain on the compass when you left an area and later returned.
  • Fixed an issue where the Keep details tooltip from the Cyrodiil map would not disappear after using a Transitus Shrine.
  • Fixed an issue where pins for your group members would not show up on maps while you were inside an instanced area.

  • Fixed an issue when improving an item where the Attempt Item Improvement UI would reappear, displaying a 100% chance to improve when the chance to improve was actually reset.
  • The Gaited Horse now shows its speed upgrade visuals correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where some crafted glyphs would initially filter to the Materials tab of your inventory instead of the Miscellaneous tab.
  • Fixed an issue with the rage glyph enchantment tooltip so it now specifies “Rage” instead of “Berserker”.

Guild Store
  • Added a sound effect when you attempt to purchase an item without having enough gold.

  • Fixed an issue if you went from Mail to Inventory and back to Mail, items would occasionally not be visible to attach to new mail.

Full Patch Notes and Source

Authors, the updated API patch notes and change log can be found here.
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