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Trial Graphics / Graphics profiles


I suggested to implement this into 'Votan's adaptive sync' or his 'Advanced Settings' but it seems he is not interested.

What I am thinking of is an addon that allows profiles for different scenarios and adjusts graphics and other settings affecting performance. Most comfortable would be a change based on location, as I see this most used for trials or PVP environment.

Some settings might require a reloadui, but I think many raiders have a worflow like this:
Join group - port into trial - adjust addons (Addon selector), reloadUI - adjust CP/Gear/skills - (... port out buy pots and so on) - go raid - port out, leave group, change addons, reloadui

So if the addon would be included in all addon profiles, ideally it would change the settings after porting based on the area (like DressingRoom does), and use the reloadui for addon changes to also load other settings (if necessary).

I'm pretty sure many players in "endgame" PVE and PVP permanently run lower settings to increase performance and can't be bothered to repeatedly reloadui or just manually change the settings if they are outside. But with such an addon they could enjoy Tamriel's in the beauty the game can offer.
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Not interested into creating such an addoon either but I'm curious:

Do you have an overview which video settings in detail would be changed for a trial?
I never change anything as I noticed lowering the video settings even drops the FPS more than keep it raised

I think if you'd provide a list of settings which should be affected for the profiles, depending on a zone, this could be established more easily.

To the dev who is interested:
You can have a look at FCOMounty as a "template addon" for the zone and subzone (subzone can be stripped as a reloadui for each subzone makes no sense!) selection settings, add maybe add the raids/dungeons to the lists of each zone (instead of the subzones).
Instead of mounts to use for the zone + subzone provide the settings for video and gameplay there (accordingly to Votans Adaptive Settings maybe).
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Oh yeah I would definitely help with collecting the settings.
There is proably room for discussion so the "target settings" should be in the addon options
Ideally full control of the video settings, and some of the usersettings.ini / Advanced Settings ones

Stuff mostly affecting Trial Performance bc of ESO bottlenecked by CPU:
Shadow -> Low, Water -> Low/None,

And then I'd say those:
Deactivate Ambient Occlusion
Deactivate Rays, Grass, Distortion, Bloom, Additional Ally effects.

Adjusting Max Particle Systems, and Supression Distance
Lower Textures, Subsampling

From the usersettings:
Particle Density, Anisotropy, Smoothing Frames,

In case that someone wants to make this, I would also ask around in the raiding community, and collect their experience, pretty sure we will also find PVPers to contribute what works best for them.
But ideally everybody can make their own profiles, and the addon description is giving help as to what effects which options gives.

@Baertram: lowering settings and getting less FPS is usually the CPU being bottlenecked already, so the GPU is waiting, if you give the GPU "more to calculate" it doesnt wait as much and can output more FPS.
Thats how someone once explained it to me.
that might also be interesting to you

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12/10/19, 08:31 AM   #4
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Thanks for the link, it could come in handy.
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