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Need translation help for some strings

Hi there,

I need a translation for my little add-on. I already have it in german and english.

Lua Code:
  1. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_XPLABEL_EXPERIENCE", " experience")
  2. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_XPLABEL_INSPIRATION", " inspiration")
  4. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_INFOMSG_1", "You gained ")
  5. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_INFOMSG_2", " in ")
  6. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_INFOMSG_3", ".")
  7. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_INFOMSG_RANK", "Rank ")
  9. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_HEADER_VISIBILITY", "Visibility")
  10. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_HEADER_POSITIONING", "Positioning")
  11. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_HEADER_APPEARANCE", "Appearance")
  13. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_NAME_ANIMATION", "Show information as an animation")
  14. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_TOOLTIP_ANIMATION", "If this option is active, an increase in experience or inspiration will be shown as an animation.")
  16. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_NAME_CHAT", "Show information in the chat")
  17. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_TOOLTIP_CHAT", "If this option is active, an increase in experience or inspiration will be shown in the chat window.")
  19. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_NAME_POSITION", "Animation position")
  20. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_TOOLTIP_POSITION", "This option defines the alignment of the animation.")
  22. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_POSITION_LEFT", "Left")
  23. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_POSITION_CENTER", "Center")
  24. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_POSITION_RIGHT", "Right")
  26. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_NAME_OFFSET", "Offset to upper border")
  27. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_TOOLTIP_OFFSET", "This option defines the distance between the animation and the upper border.")
  29. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_NAME_FONTSIZE", "Font size")
  30. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_TOOLTIP_FONTSIZE", "This option defines the size of the font that is used for the animation.")
  32. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_FONTSIZE_HUGE", "Huge")
  33. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_FONTSIZE_LARGE", "Large")
  34. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_FONTSIZE_MEDIUM", "Medium")
  35. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_FONTSIZE_SMALL", "Small")
  36. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_FONTSIZE_TINY", "Tiny")
  38. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_NAME_PRIMARYCOLOR", "Primary font color")
  39. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_TOOLTIP_PRIMARYCOLOR", "This option defines the primary font color which is used for the general text.")
  41. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_NAME_SECONDARYCOLOR", "Secondary font color")
  42. ZO_CreateStringId("NEI_OPTION_TOOLTIP_SECONDARYCOLOR", "This option defines the secondary font color which is used for the gained experience or inspiration.")

At the end we'll see an info like this:
  • You gained 1000 inspiration in Blacksmithing (Rank 13).
    - or -
  • Vous gagnez 225 expérience en Escroquerie (Rang 4).
    - or -
  • Du hast 10 Erfahrung in Lug und Trug (Rang 1) erhalten.

You can check my english translation as well since I'm a german guy

Thanks in advance,

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