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05/01/21, 10:34 AM   #1
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[open] Add ability to query in-game event information

I'm working on an addon that helps the user save event tickets. But it really needs access to the functions in MarketAnnouncement_Manager:PopulateEventAnnouncements().

Lua Code:
  1. GetNumEventAnnouncements()
  2. GetEventAnnouncementNameByIndex(i)
  3. GetEventAnnouncementDescriptionByIndex(i)
  4. GetEventAnnouncementIngameTileImageByIndex(i)
  5. GetEventAnnouncementStartTimeByIndex(i)
  6. GetEventAnnouncementRemainingTimeByIndex(i)
  7. GetEventAnnouncementIngameTileMarketProductIdByIndex(i)

Currently I am using a list I created. I will need to update the list for when each event runs in order for the dates to be correct. Cannot really predict when the years events are going to run. And then update it for any changes, like this years Anniversary Jubilee's over-run.

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07/23/21, 11:11 AM   #2
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The intent here is to be able to enable/disable addon functions that are only needed while an event is running.
An event ID would be nice. Something that would allow the use of a comparator to determine what type of awards are available. Personally, I need it for enabling specific functions depending on whether the event tickets are awarded by quest, loot, or item.

Just an example.
Lua Code:
  1. local LOOT_TYPE_CAKE = 3
  2. local function getEventLoopType(eventType)
  3.      local gameEventId = ZO_GetCurrentEvent():GetId() -- just a suggested function as an idea
  4.      return someTableOfData[gameEventId ] == eventType
  5. end
  7. ZO_PreHook(RETICLE, "TryHandlingInteraction", function(self, interactionPossible, currentFrameTimeSeconds)
  8.      if getEventLoopType(LOOT_TYPE_CAKE ) then
  9.           -- do all the stuff
  10.           return true
  11.      else
  12.           return false
  13.      end
  14. end)
Currently my addon is stuck with using a prediction table. Not accurate at all. I try to have it over-run based on the dates I have found for past events. But. it does not need Event Ticket reminders when there is not even an Impresario out in the world.

If there is another way of doing this, that is ZOS code, please suggest that.

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08/24/21, 04:35 PM   #3
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Another event to add to my prediction tables. Is the Year One event going to be recurring, or will I need to remove it for next year?

Since there has not even been any comments/questions regarding my request, I'll link the addon in which these functions would be greatly useful for in case that would be helpful.
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12/25/21, 02:57 AM   #4
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Support this. It's an essential feature that is needed for any addon that deals with in-game events.

You don't have to give the date/time if for some unknown reason you don't want to (before it's actually started i mean). Just an "isEventOngoing" yes / no and maybe the type of event which is nil / null if none is active.

It's kinda strange it never came up before?
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03/15/22, 03:19 AM   #5
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I'd like to add my request to this. Please.

Also, why did it not come up before? I would've been the first to ask for it, since mine was the first addon to try to help people not miss out on Event Tickets, but I didn't think it would be likely for ZOS to add information for just ME - since there were no other addons doing what mine did at the time. (I checked - and that's the reason I started learning Lua to write Event Tracker. Because there wasn't anything else out there to do what it did.)

Now that there are a number of addons that would benefit from such information, it's definitely worth asking about. Thank you.

(Event Tracker - since Nov. 2019)
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02/04/23, 10:51 AM   #6
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I'm asking for it too, I would definitely use the info in my Vestige's Epic Quest add-on.
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