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01/09/19, 04:58 AM   #1
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[fixed] CallSecureProtected('SelectSlotAbility',..

Bug Description:
After porting from one pvp campaign to another while the char is in combat, CallSecureProtected('SelectSlotAbility',...)
will fail with reason="secure protected functions cannot be called while in lockdown"

Additional comments:
#1 campaign porting resolves the combat state, but leaves an internal lockdown state triggered
#2 manually ability slotting works even when that internal lock is triggered
#3 getting in/out of combat by killing a mob/player resolves that internal lockdown

Code to catch the error:
local success, reason = CallSecureProtected('SelectSlotAbility', SkillId2Idx(ability), 2+slot)
if not success then 
     d("Warning: "..GetAbilityName(ability).."] not slotted: <"..tostring(reason)..">")

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01/10/19, 10:16 AM   #2
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We'll get this fixed. Thanks.
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01/10/19, 02:21 PM   #3
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Great! Many thanks!

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05/09/19, 01:43 PM   #4
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It seems that my addon (AlphaGear) suffers from the same issue. Is it foreseeable when this will be fixed?

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05/09/19, 03:57 PM   #5
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Update pts5.0.3:

It seems to be fixed. Can not reprocude the error by entering a cyrodiil campaign while in combat

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