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So Confused; Help greatly appreciated

I'll try to be precise:

1. I successfully download add-ons
2. I extract them into the proper Addon folder
3. I go in game and find that I have 10 or 11 dependencies needed for LoreBooks and SpellShards.

I download all the dependencies . . . .and NOW the big question(s)

a. Do I just place those in the ADDON folder?

b. Do I place a copy of each in the LoreBooks folder and the SpellShards folder?

I've watched the tutorials and read many of the threads on here but I can't find anything that addresses where to place:

LibAddonmenu - 2.0
LibGPS (was told this has to follow the LibMapPing)
LibMapPins - 1.0.

I've try installing manually and also using Minion. Neither provides me with the files I named above.

Frankly, right now, I'd be thrilled if I could just get SpellShards to work! Incidentally, just to make sure that I'm not a complete dork, when it says to have Documents in the path - does than mean "Documents" found under THIS PC or "Documents" found under C: (or doesn't it matter?).

Thank you for your time and efforts.

Jim Trunzo
[email protected] (in case this is such a dumb question, you'd rather Email me)
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The long answer is that this used to be much more complicated.

The short answer is that you simply treat dependencies as addons themselves, which means they are top level with all of the other addons. There is a possibility that some of them did install but were out of date and ignored. Make sure you have the box for that checked.
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Let's work with one addon at a time.
What you have listed in your post is a library to add custom pins to the compass. Unless you are wanting to add custom pins, then I am not sure you really need this addon.
Are you wanting to see resources such as crafting nodes, chests, or fishing spots then you may need Harvest Map. For Lore Books, there is a good addon for that with a few required libraries.

The addons and the libraries are all to be located in the same folder. Mine are in c:\users\(specific user)\documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\AddOns
Each specific addon is in its own folder.

Let me know and I can try to walk you through getting it installed.

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Libraries are also "addons" just with reusable code for other addons. So just put them in your "AddOns" folder as well.
As long as they got their own <AddonName>.txt file (called manifest), which loads the fiel ingame to the addon manager, they will be found automatically.

Here is an explanation how to install addons and how to find your "documents" folder:
-> Normally it should be c:\users\your windows user name\documents.
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