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Minion Automatic Update Sorting Issue

This has been an issue since 2017 (I found two posts about it, one from 2017, one from 2018. So I don't hold out much hope, but here goes anyway.)

When viewing the Automatic Update log, you can choose to sort, however, the only time it seems to sort correctly, is when it sorts in ascending order. Personally, I like things like this to sort descending (especially if there isn't a scroll bar to quickly get to the bottom of the list.) I hit the date header, and it either sorts ascending "properly", ascending by month then day, or descending month then day. There is no descending year, month, day.
Running Windows 10 Home (64 bit)

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Name:	Ascending (MD).png
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Name:	Ascending (YMD).png
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Name:	Descending (MD).png
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ID:	1443


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The log file

Here is the log file for today.

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Sorry to disappoint your hope but the answer was given in the other threads already
Sorting is nothing which could be changed easily and the current sorting is not working properly due to not repsecting the dates correctly in date format, but in string format.

We need to wait for a newer version of Minion and just cannot use the sort.
btw: It was also said that automatic updates of Minion could be trobling so better disable it and manually do it.
This way you see which addons are updated (by yourself) AND you are able to read the changelog AND react to info like "Backup your SavedVariables before update!!!" which often is written there in time.

It's a win win for both sides, so I#d turn that automatic updates off and just watch what I do. Less stress and errors, + more backuped data in time.
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