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NA AD New Guild Recruiting, <Aureate Crusade>

Server: NA

Faction: AD, but open to all who want to join

Time Zone: EST

Raid times: Will be 3-4 days per week most likely starting around 8 or 9pm EST once we have the numbers to do it.

Recruiting all classes and all roles right now.

Website: Register at the "End of the Line" gaming community at http://endofthelinellc.enjin.com/

Our website will be part of this once I finish setting it up. We are a mature guild (18+ to join)

About Aureate Crusade: We are a brand new guild starting from scratch. Our goals are to foster a tight-knit community of good players who like to have fun but also know when to be serious. Our main focus will be on PVE but we will absolutely be doing PVP as well. Right now our focus is on heavy recruitment. We want to be a guild the size of roughly 150 members, having somewhere between 30 and 50 players online at any given time. Currently we will invite anyone interested, but we will be restricting recruitment in the future. Basically there will be a probation period where you will need to prove yourself before full membership will be attained. The final recruitment policy is something that will be ironed out later and everyone will have some say in the matter.

I have decided that anyone who joins now and sticks around to help us get off the ground will be given the special rank of "Lord". With this rank you will have first dibs on raid spots, increased chance to become an officer if desired, extra chances to win prizes in various contests we will be doing (guaranteed one contest per month, with legendary rewards), and many other things that I haven't even decided yet.

As for me, I have played MMOs for 14 years now. I have been in every type of guild imaginable, and raided as any and all roles. I have been a raid leader, officer, class commander, and guildmaster many times in the past, so I assure you I know what I am doing. I will not be running this guild like a dictatorship though. I am looking to put together a trusted council of officers that will advise on all decision making. Any very large decisions will also be put to a vote open to everyone in the guild. I believe in making leadership as fair and transparent as possible, so if you're wanting to be part of a guild where your voice will be heard, I can promise you that it will be here.

The guild rules will be pretty straight-forward and likely nothing that no one hasn't heard of before. I only ask you register on the website, participate on the site, in teamspeak, and in guild events, and treat your guildmates with respect. You will also need to learn to give and receive constructive criticism about your character. People tend to take these things personally, so tact is required, and we also don't want people to feel we are elitists. We do expect you to familiarize yourself with your class and builds that are viable in a raid setting by frequenting great websites like Tamriel Foundry and doing your own research. We will help teach you to get the most out of your character, but we will not be holding anyone's hand.We are only interested in active players that know how to pull their weight.

I also expect our members to act like adults, so there won't be much mercy shown to anyone starting any drama. I won't say it's a "zero-tolerance" policy, but it's pretty damn close.

Anyway, that's what we have going so far. If you have any questions feel free to PM me on here, or get a quicker response by sending me an in-game mail to @Phurba.
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